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Vagrantfile Upgrade Vagrant to Ubuntu 18.04. Aug 26, 2018
ansible.cfg Make Ansible go way faster with Mitogen. Feb 28, 2019 Collapse config to settings. Apr 18, 2019
mypy.ini Start using Goodconf. Nov 2, 2019 Add static files to Shiv app. Oct 24, 2019
requirements-dev.txt Run Shiv app with psycopg2. May 2, 2019 Start using Goodconf. Nov 2, 2019
setup.cfg Run flake8 with migrations checking. Aug 9, 2018 Switch from build number to sha1. May 16, 2019

College Conductor

A side project / experiment


For Vagrant to work, add this line to the hosts file. www.conductor.test
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