Jun 18, 2018
Version 6.0.0
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Breaking Changes

@seuros Drop support for old version of ActiveRecord and Ruby and prepare rel


@rbritom Tagged with rewrite
@fearenales Due to database collisions, retry finding or creating a tag
@brilyuhns Add owner_tags method to taggable
@brilyuhns upport array of contexts in owner_tags_on method
@brilyuhns Add specs for owner_tags_on and owner_tags methods


@rbritom bump ruby versions for travis
@mnrk Fixed Rails 5.1 deprecation message, has_many needs String value for
@ProGM ProGM Adding a test to demonstrate the bug
@ProGM ProGM Ensure that caching_tag_list_on? is injected before using it
@ProGM ProGM Fix insert query for postgresql. Move schema definition in schema.rb
@amatsuda assigned but unused variable - any
@gmcnaughton Fix incorrect call of 'self.class' on methods which are already class
@gmcnaughton Fixed #712 (incompatibility with ActiveRecord::Sanitization#quoted_id)
@arpitchauhan Guard against indexes already existing
@arpitchauhan Rename migration to avoid conflicts
@lukeasrodgers "Bugfix TagList#concat with non-duplicates."
@fabn Revert "Added missed indexes."


Corey Osman Adds a table of contents to the readme and contributing files
@ashishg-qburst Fix typo in README
@praveenangyan Update README.md
@colemerrick update finding tagged objects in readme
jaredbeck Help people upgrade to 4.0.0
@vasinov Update README.md

@seuros seuros released this Dec 9, 2014

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Merge pull request #600 from freerunningtech/master

Meet interface expectation for active record.

@seuros seuros released this Sep 1, 2014 · 211 commits to master since this release

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@seuros seuros released this Aug 29, 2014 · 215 commits to master since this release

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This release introduce two new features:

  • You can now use customs parsers. Thanks to @ProGM
  • most_used and less_used was added as scope for the tags. Thanks to @damzcodes

The README was updated with examples

You can safely upgrade your applications to Rails 4.2. Thanks to @twalpole

MySQL users will have a small performance boost in this version. Thanks to @dontfidget

Have a nice day and happy tagging.