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title: Open-Source Projects
<p>I have a number of open-source projects hosted on <a href='' rel='me' target='_blank'>GitHub</a>. The list below is dynamically populated from all of my projects with the most popular ones appearing first.</p>
<div id='github-projects' class='big'>
<div class="repo"> <h3><a href="">acts-as-taggable-on</a></h3> <span class="desc">A tagging plugin for Rails applications that allows for custom tagging along dynamic contexts.</span></div><div class="repo"> <h3><a href="">subdomain-fu</a></h3> <span class="desc">A new plugin approach to attempting to solve the usage of subdomains in linking and routing in Rails projects.</span></div><div class="repo"> <h3><a href="">seed-fu</a></h3> <span class="desc">Advanced seed data handling for Rails, combining the best practices of several methods together.</span></div><div class="repo"> <h3><a href="">uberkit</a></h3> <span class="desc">The UberKit is a Rails plugin with a set of UI tools to ease common development.</span></div><div class="repo"> <h3><a href="">mash</a></h3> <span class="desc">Mash is a Hash with the ability to read, write, and test for the presence of arbitrary attributes using method calls.</span></div><div class="repo"> <h3><a href="">fetches</a></h3> <span class="desc">A Rails plugin to simplify the fetching and memoization of records for parameter-based finds.</span></div>
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
$.githubUser('mbleigh', function(data) {
var repos = data.user.repositories;
repos.sort(function(a,b) {
return b.watchers - a.watchers;
$(repos).each(function() {
<div class='repo'>\
<h3><a href='" + this.url + "'>" + + "</a></h3>\
<span class='desc'>"+this.description+"</span>\