Many updates, enhanced specs #21

merged 46 commits into from Mar 6, 2012

110+ specs all passing, updated to Rspec 2.
Compatible with Rails 3 & Ruby 1.9.2.
Many code enhancements from many forks all merged together and working.
Latest commits to mbleigh/subdomain-fu are included.


very usefull note

arctickiwi and others added some commits Jan 20, 2010
@arctickiwi arctickiwi Allow host and domain-based routing ad30dff
Michael Bleigh Version bump to 1.0.0.beta1 2faaa56
Michael Bleigh Initial pass of Rails3 compat. Note that no tests are running as RSpe…
…c isn't cooperating with me just yet.
Michael Bleigh Version bump to 1.0.0.beta2 e2daeb4
Michael Bleigh Regenerated gemspec for version 1.0.0.beta2 6e07b82
Michael Bleigh Updated Gemfile readme instructions. ccd4282
@nhowell nhowell Fix url_rewriter.rb and remove rails/init.rb for Rails 3.0.0.beta2 co…
@nhowell nhowell Works in your Rails 3 Gemfile now. No longer works as a plugin, but I…
…'d rather have it this way.

Adding this to your Gemfile should work:
gem 'subdomain-fu', :git => "git://"
@danielmorrison danielmorrison Avoid exceptions when the host has fewer parts than the tld_size. Fix…
…es issue #11. Also minor refactorings.
@lerrua lerrua request doesn't is an instance variable a9c4e65
@lerrua lerrua Testing @request object. a4996cd
@lerrua lerrua @request is nil a97f2e0
C Harper Quick check 91ef802
C Harper fixed cd3fb14
charper Remove reference to host/ port 144e133
@danielmorrison danielmorrison Fixed exception when accessing a site via IP address. 61bc2b8
@ramontayag ramontayag ignoring .swp ecd7f2c
@ramontayag ramontayag merge master of charper d7613ea
@ramontayag ramontayag merge collective idea master 6d8b798
@ramontayag ramontayag changed url of plugin 84cd344
@ramontayag ramontayag gemspec 1.0.0 cf670d6
@gix gix Remove merge markers left in by accident. e7838cb
@gix gix Migrate to RSpec-2. 2eb7112
@gix gix Allow loading as engine/gem or plugin. 4da3b21
@gix gix Fix specs and rails 3 compatibility. addd2c8
@gix gix Ignore coverage data. 7dc5d94
@gix gix Bump version and regnerate gemspec. 3515962
@leehambley leehambley Allow that there might not be a request object (e.g this is coming fr…
…om the timeoutable class of Devise)
asok current_subdomain is now returning subdomains without mirrors 9441765
asok Edited README.rdoc via GitHub ce1ae45
@pboling pboling merge leehambley/master dd06bce
@pboling pboling merge asok/master, updated specs a0ed776
@joslynesser joslynesser Fixing url_rewriter when there is no host available (example: includi…
…ng url_helpers in a model where a @request object is not available)
@pboling pboling Merge pull request #1 from joslynesser/master
Fix with including Rails.application.routes.url_helpers and building relative paths
@mbleigh mbleigh merged commit be9ea8c into mbleigh:master Mar 6, 2012

Rails 3 was released pretty long ago. Are we still calling this a pre-release gem, or is Subdomain-Fu just dead?


It is not dead, and it works with Rails 3. It's just that I was not, until recently, a committer on the main (mbleigh) track, and for that reason hadn't been bumping the version number. I plan to clean up a full release soon now that I have commit access. Thanks to @mbleigh!

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