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script/plugin install git://
-Next, to get started, you will need to generate the migration for the User
-model that TwitterAuth uses. It's simple:
+Next, to get started, you will need to generate the migration and model
+that TwitterAuth uses for its User. It's simple:
- script/generate migration twitter_auth_migration
+ script/generate migration twitter_auth
If you look in the migration you will see that there are some information
fields pre-populated (name, location, etc). These will automatically be
retrieved from Twitter at each login and therefor kept both accessible
-and fresh for your usage.
+and fresh for your usage. If you remove any of these fields they will be
+ignored when the Twitter profile is pulled down.
Believe it or not, that's it! You now have access to the standard suite
of restful-auth controller helpers such as:

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