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#!/usr/bin/env python
An example reconciliation service API for Google Refine 2.0.
import csv
from fuzzywuzzy import fuzz
import re
import sys
import simplejson as json
from flask import Flask, request, jsonify
app = Flask(__name__)
# Matching threshold.
match_threshold = 70
# Basic service metadata. There are a number of other documented options
# but this is all we need for a simple service.
metadata = {
"name": "Person Reconciliation Service",
"defaultTypes": [{"id": "/people/person", "name" : "Person"}]
# Read in person records from csv file.
reader = csv.DictReader(open('example_composers.csv', 'rb'))
records = [r for r in reader]
def search(query):
# Initialize matches.
matches = []
# Search person records for matches.
for r in records:
score = fuzz.token_set_ratio(query, r['label'])
if score > match_threshold:
"id": r['id'],
"name": r['label'],
"score": score,
"match": query == r['label'],
"type": [{"id": "/people/person", "name": "Person"}]
print >> sys.stderr, matches
return matches
def jsonpify(obj):
Like jsonify but wraps result in a JSONP callback if a 'callback'
query param is supplied.
callback = request.args['callback']
response = app.make_response("%s(%s)" % (callback, json.dumps(obj)))
response.mimetype = "text/javascript"
return response
except KeyError:
return jsonify(obj)
@app.route("/reconcile", methods=['POST', 'GET'])
def reconcile():
# If a single 'query' is provided do a straightforward search.
query = request.form.get('query')
if query:
# If the 'query' param starts with a "{" then it is a JSON object
# with the search string as the 'query' member. Otherwise,
# the 'query' param is the search string itself.
if query.startswith("{"):
query = json.loads(query)['query']
results = search(query)
return jsonpify({"result": results})
# If a 'queries' parameter is supplied then it is a dictionary
# of (key, query) pairs representing a batch of queries. We
# should return a dictionary of (key, results) pairs.
queries = request.form.get('queries')
if queries:
queries = json.loads(queries)
results = {}
for (key, query) in queries.items():
results[key] = {"result": search(query['query'])}
return jsonpify(results)
# If neither a 'query' nor 'queries' parameter is supplied then
# we should return the service metadata.
return jsonpify(metadata)
if __name__ == '__main__':
#print search("Doe, John")