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#!/usr/bin/env python
An example reconciliation service API for Google Refine 2.0.
import re
import sys
import simplejson as json
from flask import Flask, request, jsonify
app = Flask(__name__)
# Basic service metadata. There are a number of other documented options
# but this is all we need for a simple service.
metadata = {
"name": "Local Reconciliation Service",
"defaultTypes": [],
def search(query):
# Initialize matches.
matches = []
# append the result to the matches.
# Example match format:
match = {
"id": 'term id',
"name": 'term label'],
"score": 50,
"match": False, # Return True for exact match.
"type": [{"id": "/base/oceanography/research_cruise",
"name": "Research Cruise"}]
print >> sys.stderr, matches
return matches
def jsonpify(obj):
Like jsonify but wraps result in a JSONP callback if a 'callback'
query param is supplied.
callback = request.args['callback']
response = app.make_response("%s(%s)" % (callback, json.dumps(obj)))
response.mimetype = "text/javascript"
return response
except KeyError:
return jsonify(obj)
@app.route("/reconcile", methods=['POST', 'GET'])
def reconcile():
# If a single 'query' is provided do a straightforward search.
query = request.form.get('query')
if query:
# If the 'query' param starts with a "{" then it is a JSON object
# with the search string as the 'query' member. Otherwise,
# the 'query' param is the search string itself.
if query.startswith("{"):
query = json.loads(query)['query']
results = search(query)
return jsonpify({"result": results})
# If a 'queries' parameter is supplied then it is a dictionary
# of (key, query) pairs representing a batch of queries. We
# should return a dictionary of (key, results) pairs.
queries = request.form.get('queries')
if queries:
queries = json.loads(queries)
results = {}
for (key, query) in queries.items():
results[key] = {"result": search(query['query'])}
return jsonpify(results)
# If neither a 'query' nor 'queries' parameter is supplied then
# we should return the service metadata.
return jsonpify(metadata)
if __name__ == '__main__':