Robust PHP web interface to git repositories.
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Robust PHP web interface to git repositories.


To run this application on your server, you will need to have PHP and git installed.


To install this application, simply copy the included files to any directory on your web server. Next, open up the config.php file in a text editor. You will need to, at the very leasy, modify the "$repos" variable to include the path to the repositories you would like to display in this application.

Once this is complete, you should be able to browse to this directory in any web browser and access your git repositories appropriately.


This application is a web interface. Simply enter the URL that you setup during installation into any web browser and you should have access to the repository. You can browse source code, view commit diffs, download source, and more.

You can view a demo of this application here.


Use this application at your own risk. While this application has been tested thoroughly, on the above requirements, your mileage may vary. I take no responsibility for any harmful actions this application might cause.


This software, and its dependencies, are distributed free of charge and licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. For more information about this license and the terms of use of this software, please review the LICENSE.txt file.