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#include <string>
#include <vector>
namespace mbmore {
// returns true every X interval (ie every 5th timestep)
bool EveryXTimestep(int curr_time, int interval);
// randomly returns true with a frequency X
// (ie returns true ~20 randomly selected timesteps
// out of 100 when frequency = 5 )
//bool EveryRandomXTimestep(int frequency);
bool EveryRandomXTimestep(int frequency, int rng_seed);
// returns True with a defined probability
// (ie. if probability is 0.2 then will return True on average
// 1 in 5 calls).
bool XLikely(double prob, int rng_seed);
// returns a randomly generated number from a
// normal distribution defined by mean and
// sigma (full-width-half-max)
//double RNG_NormalDist(double mean, double sigma);
double RNG_NormalDist(double mean, double sigma, int rng_seed);
// returns a randomly chosen discrete number between min and max
// (ie. integer betweeen 1 and 5)
double RNG_Integer(double min, double max, int rng_seed);
// For various types of time varying curves, calculate y for some x
double CalcYVal(std::string function, std::vector<double> constants,
double x_val);
// Convert probability integrated over n_timesteps (L, N) to a probability (P)
// at single time, by solving for P: L = 1 - (1-P)^N
double ProbPerTime(double xval, double n_timesteps);
} // namespace mbmore
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