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Relational Database Design Bootcamp

Welcome to the Relational Database Design Bootcamp! There is some optional prep work to complete prior to attending:

  1. Bring a laptop!
  2. MySQL client ready to use to be able to execute SQL statements, including being able to create tables, insert data, and select data.
  3. Preferable MySQL version 8.0+, but 5.7+ will suffice.

That is it! If you are unable to complete the prep work, don't worry, please still come. You can team up with someone else for this tutorial.

The tutorial will include creating a database with tables as a whole group and some break-out time as teams of up to 4 people, with detailed instructions all along the way. You'll be able to ask questions at anytime and have code examples provided here in this repository and during the tutorial.

You may choose to do one of the following as part of your setup:

You will leave having created databases, created tables, setup database constraints including foreign keys, populated tables, write table joins, add table indexes, and more.


Relational Database Design Bootcamp setup instructions and supporting files







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