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Create a bash script to configure a vyos EC2 instance for an AWS inter region VPN.
The input format for the VPN must be vyatta.
Argument1: Full path to the dowloaded VPN configuration file(/tmp/vpn-a99c83b.txt)
Argument2: The private IP of the Vyos instance(ex:
Argument3: The CIDR of the VPC on the Vyos side(ex:
Argument4: The local gateway of the Vyos instance(ex:
Think to execute the script output as root on the Vyos instance.
#!/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import re
import sys
def read_config(config_file):
""" Return the entire config file as a list.
:param config_file: string The path of the downloaded config file from AWS.
with open(config_file, 'r') as f:
return f.readlines()
def remove_comment(config):
"""Return the config without comment.
:param config_file: list
new_content = []
for line in config:
if not line.startswith('!') and line != '\n':
return new_content
def create_script_file(config, local_IP, local_cidr, local_gateway):
""" Create a bash script for vyos configuration.
:param config: list The VPN configuration.
:param local_ip: string The local IP of the Vyos instance.
:param local_cidr: string The CIDR of the entire VPC on the Vyos instance side.
:param local_gateway: string The default gateway of the Vyos instance.
bgp = [i for i in config if'soft-reconfiguration',i)][0]
bgp ='bgp (.*) neighbor', bgp).group(1)
f = open('/tmp/', 'w')
f.write('#!/bin/vbash\nsource /opt/vyatta/etc/functions/script-template\n')
f.write('echo "Vyos-1.1.7" |run add system image\nconfigure\n')
for line in config:
if'local-address', line):
f.write(line.split('local-address')[0] + 'local-address ' + local_IP + '\n')
elif not'',line):
f.write('set protocols static route {0} next-hop {1} distance 10\n' .format(local_cidr, local_gateway))
f.write('set protocols bgp {0} network {1}\n' .format(bgp, local_cidr))
f.write('set vpn ipsec nat-traversal enable\ncommit\nsave\nexit\necho "Yes" |run reboot\nexit')
if __name__ == '__main__':
conf = remove_comment(read_config(sys.argv[1]))
create_script_file(conf, sys.argv[2], sys.argv[3], sys.argv[4])
print("The configuration has been created: /tmp/")