@mborik mborik released this Jul 2, 2018 · 37 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • added new configuration for standard ZX-Spectrum 128 (toastrack)
  • implemented DivMMC, with full-feature DivIDE control register and programming model in VHDL
  • standard Sinclair machines has a configurable disk interface
  • extended configuration INI file, it's more structured by config groups
    (you should delete old speccy2010.ini from your SD)
  • added config group with configurable paths to ROM files for all machines or firmwares
  • implemented ROM Configuration dialog [Alt+F9]
  • fixed NMI functionality globally [F5]
  • file browser and viewer redesigned to look more like a Commander
  • copy/move should ask for overwrite if file(s) exists
  • improved screen viewer slideshow (accesible from [F3] or [Enter], next screen with [Space])
  • keyboard LEDs now indicates:
    • NumLock: power-up
    • CapsLock: disk interface activity
    • ScrollLock: PC keyboard emulation
  • optional mimic TV screen interlace in VHDL (inspired by axc's commit)
  • implemented cold-reset functionality (accessible from the config menu [F9] after hit of F5 key)

Additional content in this release

  • speccy2010_v1.2.1_sdcard.zip - content of SD card aimed to test this release
    • including ESXDOS 0.8.6 with NMI menu by ub880d
    • some demos and 2 games for ZX-Spectrum 128 in tape format for ESXDOS's tape emulator
    • few more disks for Pentagon 128/1024