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@mborik mborik released this May 5, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

  • enhanced capabilities when the ESXDOS is loaded into DivMMC: Autoloader of TAP or TRD files directly from File Manager (without accessing NMI menu)
  • redefined snapshot loading and saving, now with direct accessing Z80 registers and eye-candy progress-bar
  • new feature: load snapshot of given filename [Alt+F6]
  • slightly modified keyboard layout (see help file)
  • massive refactor of key-modifiers handling (thanks to ub880d)
  • help file [F1] is accessible from everywhere
  • bold font is back (thanks to Akio)
  • improved debugger
    • fixed DivMMC paging calculations
    • added [M] key to change cursor in both Trace/Dump windows
    • hotkeys to reset [Alt+F5] and load SNA [Alt+F6] and trace immediately
  • fixed some timing issues (thanks to azesmbog)
  • removed video testing pattern to fit the changes into FPGA

Additional content in this release

  • - content of SD card aimed to test this release
    • demos & games in TAPs to test new autoloader feature for ESXDOS and DivMMC but also some TRDs for Pentagon timings
    • including bsdos308s.rom required for MB-02 and bootable disk mb02/demodisk.mbd with some programs and demos to test MB-02 implementation
    • few snapshots to test
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