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MMM-Pull is a module for the MagicMirror project by Michael Teeuw.

This module enables the user to pull updates for modules and/or MagicMirror itself via Telegram commands.


Clone the module into your MagicMirror modules folder and execute npm install in the module's directory.

git clone
cd MMM-Pull
npm install


To start the module insert it in the config.js file. Here is an example:

    module: 'MMM-Pull',
    position: 'bottom_center',
    config: {
        excludeModules: ['MMM-Pull'],
        restartScript: 'pm2 restart ~/'

Option Description Type Default
excludeModules Array of module names that should not be pulled via this module. Array of Strings none
restartScript Script to restart your MagicMirror after pulling changes. If not specified the MagicMirror will not restart after successfully pulling changes. String none
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