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D3 is a small, free JavaScript library for manipulating HTML documents based on data. D3 can help you quickly visualize your data as HTML or SVG, handle interactivity, and incorporate smooth transitions and staged animations into your pages. You can use D3 as a visualization framework (like Protovis), or you can use it to build dynamic pages (like jQuery).

Browser Support

D3 should work on any browser, with minimal requirements such as JavaScript and the W3C DOM API. We also require the Selectors API Level 1, but this requirement could be relaxed in the future using Sizzle.

The included D3 examples use additional browser features, such as SVG and CSS3 Transitions. These features are not required to use D3, but are useful for visualization. D3 is not a compatibility layer. The examples should work on Firefox, Chrome (Chromium), Safari (WebKit), Opera and IE9.

Chrome has strict permissions for reading files out of the local file system. To view some of the examples locally, you will need to start a local web server. One easy way to do that is to install Tornado:

cd ..
git clone
cd tornado
sudo python install
cd ../d3

We have provided a Tornado script for serving static files:

python examples

Once this is running, go to:

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