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Commits on Aug 29, 2011
  1. Merge branch 'release'

  2. @jasondavies
  3. @jasondavies

    Add source and target accessors.

    jasondavies authored
    Higher-order programming!  This makes it more akin to d3.svg.chord i.e.
    it can take "d" and "i" arguments.  Thanks for the suggestion, Mike!
    Also made "n" and "radius" configurable, too.
  4. Fix for IE9's style.setProperty.

    IE9 does not string-coerce values, instead throwing an error. We now wrap IE9's
    implementation to force string coercion. While it would be simpler to turn on
    string-coercion for all browsers inside D3's style operator, this approach
    avoids penalizing standards-compliant browsers.
    This commit also moves language-compatibility code to a separate directory, and
    deletes the obsolete Object.create polyfill, which is no longer needed by D3.
  5. Fire a tick immediately on start.

    This improves the performance of transitions that have already ended (those with
    zero duration), as the transition can end immediately on start rather than
    waiting for a second tick.
Commits on Aug 28, 2011
  1. Don't string-coerce ordinal domain values.

    Fixes #274. String coerce for uniqueness, but store the original input types in
    the domain for subsequent retrieval. This way, you can more easily use
    non-strings as domain values (such as dates or numbers).
  2. Improve stability of charge forces.

    Previously, we were modifying the node's x & y position as we were computing
    the charge forces. Unfortunately, this causes drift because those positions are
    subsequently used to compute other forces. Now we modify the node's previous
    position in the opposite direction, which has the same ultimate effect but
    improves the stability of the calculation.
    This commit also optimizes the force layout such that gravity and charge forces
    are not calculated if the corresponding constants are zero.
  3. @jasondavies

    Add d3.geo.greatcircle.

    jasondavies authored
    Can be used to generate great circle paths.  Similar to R's
    geosphere.gcIntermediate (in which I discovered a bug, while writing the
    test case for this!)
    Includes d3.geo.greatcircle().distance for computing the shortest geo
    path distance using the Haversine formula.
    For a tutorial on using great circles, see:
Commits on Aug 27, 2011
  1. Fix a bug in link strength scaling.

    There was a bug in the previous fix to increase the stability of link
    relaxation; the strength of a link would decrease relative to the link degree of
    the connected nodes. Instead of decreasing link strength, we should instead bias
    the relaxation so that the lighter node moves more than the heavier node, while
    preserving the strength of the link.
  2. Fix a flakey test.

    Need to wait a bit to allow the other transition to finish, too.
  3. @jasondavies
  4. @jasondavies
  5. @jasondavies

    Standardise normalisation and minor name tweak.

    jasondavies authored
    Thanks to @mbostock for an excellent exposition of geo nomenclature!
    <#271 (comment)>
  6. @jasondavies

    Add invert to mercator, albers and azimuthal.

    jasondavies authored
    Includes unit tests.
    Fixes #246.
  7. Merge branch 'release'

Commits on Aug 26, 2011
  1. Use reference count rather than owner id.

    As of 2.0.0, it's possible to have multiple transitions running concurrently
    with the same id. Thus, it is no longer sufficient to check the transition id
    to decide whether to delete the transition lock. We now use reference counting
    to determine the number of transitions that are scheduled on a given element;
    when that number drops to zero, we can delete the transition lock.
  2. @jasondavies

    Fix KDE example.

    jasondavies authored
    It should have been using a probability (density) histogram. I think
    there used to be a bug in d3.layout.histogram, which is now fixed.
  3. Create the root selection after the prototype.

    This fixes a breakage on IE9, which doesn't support array subclassing through
    prototype injection. On IE9, we then use direct extension of the prototype, but
    this can only be done after the prototype is fully-defined.
  4. @jasondavies

    Fix negatively-sized rectangles in treemap.

    jasondavies authored
    Includes unit test!
    Fixes #136.
Commits on Aug 25, 2011
  1. Fix zooming in Firefox.

    We were mistakenly binding Firefox's DOMMouseScroll to dblclick rather than
    mousewheel. Also, there's no acceleration on these events, so we need to make
    them faster to match the typical behavior of mousewheel.
  2. Fix albersUsa, again.

  3. Merge branch 'release'

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