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Commits on Jul 31, 2012
  1. Merge branch '2.9.7'

  2. Fix polar clock example.

    The shortest-path interpolation for HSL was causing all the bars to be the same
    color. Switching to string-interpolation preserves the original behavior.
  3. Merge branch 'transform-null' of git:// into…

    … 2.9.7
  4. Don't use shortest-path for same-type transitions.

    If the transform transition isn't the same type, then we can use the shortest-
    path for rotate transitions. But, if the transforms are the same type, then we
    should use the simpler string interpolation without the shortest-path.
  5. Fix d3.time.dayOfYear test.

  6. @jasondavies

    Update transform/test-rotate.

    jasondavies authored
    We no longer pick the shortest path for same type transitions.
  7. @jasondavies
  8. @jasondavies
  9. @jasondavies

    More efficient handling of null transforms.

    jasondavies authored
    Avoid unnecessary object creation.
  10. @jasondavies

    Add support for interpolating null transform lists.

    jasondavies authored
    For consistency with CSS3 [1], a null "from" or "to" transform list is
    replaced by an identity function list whose types match those of the
    non-null transform list.
  11. @jasondavies
  12. Condense d3.interpolateTransform slightly.

    Also, fix the transform rotate test.
  13. Merge counties into MultiPolygons as needed.

    Fixes #620. Also adds county names.
Commits on Jul 25, 2012
  1. @jasondavies

    Fixes custom timezone tests for Node.js 0.8.x.

    jasondavies authored
    The process.env.TZ trick no longer seems to work. The fix automatically
    adds an offset to the minutes being set, relative to the current
    timezone. It assumes that the dates being tested in the scope are not in
    DST, since the offset is relative to the timezone offset at the epoch.
  2. @jasondavies
  3. @jasondavies
  4. @jasondavies

    Add missing file.

    jasondavies authored
  5. @jasondavies
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