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Use tree layout to draw process flow graphs #876

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I am newbie to d3. I have a requirement in which I need to visualize process flow dependency. These dependencies may or may not be cyclic. I have more than 5000 processes which can be dependent up to a depth 40 or more. For example:

Process A --> (Process B,Process E) -->Process C -- and so on can be as deep as 40 nodes.
Process B --> Process D
Process C ---> (Process D,Process F)
Process D --> (Process A, Process E)
Process F

I am able to do this as a tree layout. Something similar to ( this case I am breaking the cyclic dependency and outputting same node multiple times. But having ~5000 nodes makes graph huge it very non-intuitive to understand and searching for a particular node is even tougher. Any ideas what kind of tree/graph should I use for this kind of situation. I am looking into some of the examples in . Any pointers will regarding this will be very useful.


I would also be interested in what are the options, besides the force directed layout, to display directed cyclic graphs. From the examples there is no obvious choice.


This question would be more appropriate for the d3-js Google group or the d3.js tag on Stack Overflow. Good luck!

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