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arrays Merge branch 'shuffle-subset' of into shuffle-s…
color Merge branch 'case-insensitive-color-names' of…
core Fix and
data Use higher-resolution files for benchmark.
dsv Fix #2010 - check for nully, not falsey.
event Insert new tasks on the end.
format Merge branch 'fix-format' into 3.4.13
geo Fix test on Node 0.12.
geom Fix quadtree find with accessors
interpolate Ignore case when detecting colors for interpolation.
layout Fix hierarchy.revalue.
locale Add Finnish locale
math Merge branch 'shuffle-subset' of into shuffle-s…
scale Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/range-round-points' into 3.5
selection Fix and
svg Add closing Z on circles.
time Fix #2040: parsing time zone offsets.
transition Fix for JSDOM update.
xhr More readable.
XMLHttpRequest.js Add test for beforesend listener.
assert.js Color interpolators return color instances.
index-test.js Fix #2006 - prevent leak of d3 global in node.
load.js Fix and
start.js Fix and
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