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Fix and

Also add tests for d3_documentElement and d3_window so that they work for the
three cases we care about: a node, a document and a window. For anything else
they return undefined.
latest commit a40a611d6b
@mbostock authored
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arrays Merge branch 'shuffle-subset' of into shuffle-s…
color Merge branch 'case-insensitive-color-names' of…
core Fix and
data Use higher-resolution files for benchmark.
dsv Fix #2010 - check for nully, not falsey.
event Insert new tasks on the end.
format Merge branch 'fix-format' into 3.4.13
geo Fix test on Node 0.12.
geom Fix quadtree find with accessors
interpolate Fix #2039: improve [un]interpolateNumber precision.
layout Fix hierarchy.revalue.
locale Add Finnish locale
math Merge branch 'shuffle-subset' of into shuffle-s…
scale Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/range-round-points' into 3.5
selection Fix and
svg Add closing Z on circles.
time Fix #2040: parsing time zone offsets.
transition Fix for JSDOM update.
xhr More readable.
XMLHttpRequest.js Add test for beforesend listener.
assert.js Color interpolators return color instances.
index-test.js Fix #2006 - prevent leak of d3 global in node.
load.js Fix and
start.js Fix and
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