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Natively automate testing in and email the results to your entire team
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This project allows you to natively schedule automated test runs of your Apex code and email the results to multiple addresses.


For an easy, 1-click installation: Automated Testing for Package (sandbox).

To use the source code with a Salesforce org: GitHub Salesforce Deploy Tool


  1. Navigate to the Automated Testing app and Automated Test Setup tab.
  2. Follow the instructions.


Email Privileges Revoked message when sending mass emails from Production or Sandbox

If you created a sandbox after the Spring '13 release, go to Your Name > Setup > Email Administration > Deliverability and choose Access Level: All Emails.


Because we can't create a trigger on the asynchronous test objects, we run a second scheduled job to process the results. By default, this runs half an hour after the tests are launched; you may need to adjust for longer test runs.

Future Work

  • Validate Automated Test Run fields
  • Allow individual scheduling of different runs
  • Web service for post-commit hook from source control systems
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