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A script to manage mumble servers from the commandline.
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mmctl let's you administrate Murmur, the Mumble server that currently comes without a default administration interface.


  • Webbased UI supporting many servers
  • Connect through any accessible Ice interface
  • Pure AJAX-interface that feels like a Desktop application
  • Looks great thanks to Bootstrap


mmctl is currently under development. It's fully functional and working, but there aren't detailed instructions for installing it yet. Here's what you need:

  • It's a Flask-based WSGI app, so you need Python.
  • Required python packages (from PyPI) are: Flask, Flask-Assets, cssmin.
  • You will also need python support for ZeroC's Ice. Look for a package named "python-zeroc-ice" (Ubuntu) or "ice-python" (Fedora).
  • VirtualEnv highly recommend

The steps:

  • (install Ice Python support through apt-get or yum or whatever your distro of choice uses)
  • virtualenv mmctl
  • . mmctl/bin/activate
  • pip install Flask Flask-Assets cssmin
  • git clone git://
  • python mmctl/

This will run a server listening on port 5000. Open up http://localhost:5000 (replace localhost with your server IP if it's remote) and set up the initial configuration.

Afterwards, kill the server with C-c and restart it to load the generated configuration.

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