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Road map for MBrace.Core and MBrace.Azure

Towards MBrace.Core 1.0 and MBrace.Azure 1.0

  • The current focus is on finalizing the 1.0 release of MBrace.Core

  • A major piece of work is a runtime refactoring, taking fabric independent parts of MBrace.Azure into a new component MBrace.Runtime.Core.

The open issues for the milestone release are here.

Ways you can contribute to the 1.0 release:

  • MBrace.CSharp rewrite. This is a rewrite and redesign of the C# API to access MBrace.Core.

  • Improve the documentation, particularly the website content here

  • Improve the programming model tutorial samples here

  • Improve the documentation, particularly the XML documentation throughout the code

  • Add examples and tutorials showing how MBrace.Core and MBrace.Azure can be used with industry relevant data sources such as databases

  • Help target MBrace.Core and MBrace.Runtime.Core at new platform targets including Amazon AWS.

  • Help document how MBrace can be used in more incremental and/or streaming scenarios. For example, document how CloudQueue inputs can be used to CloudFlow and show examples of this working.

  • Help document how outputs from MBrace can be consumed by web source, including in streaming and/ web socket scenarios.

Beyond 1.0 - Future work you can help contribute to