Dokku plugin to monitor and restart apps with Monit
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dokku monit (alpha)

Dokku plugin which provides health checks by monitoring and restarting apps with Monit.


This plugin is developed and tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and Dokku 0.11.3. It should work on other distributions but requires systemd. Pull requests to support other init systems such as upstart for Ubuntu 14.04 are of course welcome.

Monit has to be installed (apt-get install monit), but does not have to be started/enabled. This plugin will start its own Monit instance running as the dokku user. This way you can use the system wide Monit configuration however you like or disable it with systemctl disable monit.


sudo apt-get install monit
sudo dokku plugin:install


Show all available commands:

dokku monit

Enable monit for an app:

dokku monit:enable myapp

This will send an http request to the application every two minutes. When it fails two times, the app will be restarted.

To remove the app from Monit:

dokku monit:disable myapp

If you want do temporarily disable and enable monitoring, you can use:

dokku monit:unmonitor myapp
dokku monit:monitor myapp

You can also use monit:unmonitorall and monit:monitorall to disable all apps at once.

This keeps the Monit configuration but disables the check with Monit.

Show the Monit status for one app or for all apps:

dokku monit:status myapp
dokku monit:statusall

The monit logs can be shown with (requires syslog to be configured to log to journald, which is the default on Ubuntu 16.04):

dokku monit:logs
dokku monit:logs -f


You can configure Monit in the .monitrc file in the Dokku home directory. See for details.

It is important to keep the include /home/dokku/*/monitrc line, because this is used to include the configuration for the individual Dokku apps. Everything else should be configurable without breaking the functionality of this plugin. This file does not get overwritten when updating this plugin.

For configuring the individual app checks, you can set the following configuration variables (use --no-restart):

Variable Default Description
MONIT_CONTENT Expected content in HTTP response
MONIT_REQUEST / Request path, eg. /status
MONIT_ALERT Mail address to notify on state changes
MONIT_RESTART_TIMEOUT 120 Timeout for dokku ps:restart in seconds
MONIT_RESTART_CYCLES 2 Number of failed checks before restarting the app
MONIT_UNMONITOR_RESTARTS 5 Restart Limit: Number of restarts before unmonitoring
MONIT_UNMONITOR_CYCLES 20 Restart Limit: Interval for the above number of restarts

For example if you want to receive alerts by mail, set

dokku config:set --no-restart myapp

You can also set a global alert mail address in the global Monit configuration in ~dokku/.monitrc.


This project is released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.