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My personal dotfiles for zsh, vim and tmux.
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My personal dotfiles

These are my personal dotfiles. Use them at your own risk. They contain configuration for zsh, vim and tmux. If you have any questions, contact me.


Clone this repository to ~/.local/dotfiles, then run the installation with rake install.

cd ~/.local
git clone
cd dotfiles
rake install

Please note that this Rakefile is written for Ubuntu systems. If you are on another OS, look at the output of rake -T and use the install:* tasks manually.


You can update the dotfiles repository and all the git submodules like vim and zsh plugins with

dotfiles update

Note that dotfiles is a zsh alias for changing into your dotfiles directory and running rake.

If you want to just update the dotfiles repository, run

dotfiles update:repository

To just update the submodules, run

dotfiles submodules:update

(Run dotfiles -T to see all available tasks.)


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