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There are many guestbook apps, this one is named Guestbook (app store link).

See release announcement here

It's halfway through a re-write for version 2.0, but not feature complete or pretty.

Original Guestbook code is under the MIT license. Third-party code remains under it's own license.

The master branch contains the current 1.4.0 release, which is tagged 1.4.0.

The develop branch contains work towards the next release.

Update: Pulled from store

I removed the app from the app store in January 2015, because I did not have the time to keep it updated and sales were non-existant anyway.

It still lives on here on github as an example of code I once wrote.

Things I wanted to accomplish before releasing a 2.0 (not in any particular order)

  • indicate video on thumbnails
  • use uicollectionview for events
  • customize event list cells
  • customize signature cells
  • replace signature page tableview with fixed layout views? pageview controller?
  • password protected event lock
  • theme(s)
  • iphone client?
  • multi device shared guestbook (iCloud?)
  • internationalization
  • facebook integration?
  • remove navigation bars
  • Get everything non-delegate out of the AppDelegate and into it's own class
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