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@@ -9,22 +9,25 @@ How to use it
This plugin is depends on the Facebook Javascript API so you have to include it:
-> <script src=""></script>
+ <script src=""></script>
Include the plugin javascript file and CSS
Assuming you have a container like:
-> <div id="jfmfs-container"></div>
+ <div id="jfmfs-container"></div>
And you have included the Facebook Javascript API
And you have already logged the user in. (FB.init and FB.login)
You can load the friend selector in a container like this:
-> $("#jfmfs-container").jfmfs();
+ $("#jfmfs-container").jfmfs();
This should fetch the current users friends and give you the interface to select friends. Then when you're ready to move on, there's a function to call that returns an array of the Facebook Ids of the selected friends.
-> var friendSelector = $("#jfmfs-container").data('jfmfs');
-> var selectedFriends = friendSelector.getSelectedIds();
+ var friendSelector = $("#jfmfs-container").data('jfmfs');
+ var selectedFriends = friendSelector.getSelectedIds();

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