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mbrictson's dotfiles


Choose a place to store the dotfiles, like ~/Library/dotfiles.

git clone git:// ~/Library/dotfiles
cd ~/Library/dotfiles
rake install

Some features of the bashrc may work only with bash version 4.2, which is not installed by default on the Mac. Consider using these steps to get it:

  • brew install bash
  • Add /usr/local/bin/bash to /etc/shells
  • Change your shell to /usr/local/bin/bash by running chsh

Notable features

These dotfiles assume a Mac setup that uses rbenv and brew, with the bash-completion and git recipes installed. However, it should degrade gracefully if these aren't present.

An r command serves as a shortcut for running bundle exec rake or bundle exec rails. It's pretty smart, so r s will expand to bundle exec rails server, and r db will expand to bundle exec rake db:console. No more fat-finger mistakes of rails vs rake!

On your local Mac the prompt will be nice and concise. Notice that deep paths are truncated to the last 2 segments:

~/.../Application Support/TextMate$

When logged into a remote machine, you'll be reminded with the hostname:

 myserver /opt/local$

Fancy git status is automatically included in the prompt:

~/.../mbrictson/dotfiles (master *%)$


Inspired by dotfiles from Ryan Bates and thoughtbot.

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