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tools to work with rails partials from emacs
Emacs Lisp
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partially.el - rails partial tools

I like small, focused libraries. This one provides some functionality around rails partials. Supports erb and haml

partially/visit-partial     - jump to the partial rendered on the current line
NOT DONE!! partially/extract-partial   - extract a partial, dump it in a file, and render it in the current file
NOT DONE!! partially/inline-partial    - fetch the partial rendered on the current line, and replace the render statement with it


This relies on a "find-root" function. It defaults to railway-find-root (my standalone rails minor mode), but can easily be customized to anything

(setq partially:rails-root-fn 'rinari-root) ; use rinari function
(setq partially:rails-root-fn 'eproject-root) ; use eproject function
(setq partially:rails-root-fn 'projectile-get-project-root) ; use projectile function
(setq partially:rails-root-fn 'textmate-project-root) ; use textmate.el function
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