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;;; railgun.el - be propelled to the right place by the power of magnets
;; Copyright (C) 2012 Matt Briggs
;; Author: Matt Briggs <>
;; Keywords: navigation rails
;; Version: 2
;;; Dependancies: inflections.el
; railway.el
; railway is basically an extraction of the minor mode and project root functions
; from rinari. If you don't want to use it (or already use rinari), fire me an email
; and i will add customization support to allow for any "project root" function to be used.
;;; Commentary:
;; The goal of this project is to provide easy ways to get to the places you
;; want to be. The built in finders are
;; rg-find-libs - show a list of libs
;; rg-find-views - show a list of views
;; rg-find-controller - jump to a given controller
;; rg-find-presenter - jump to a given presenter
;; rg-find-helper - jump to a given helper
;; rg-find-model - jump to a given model
;; rg-find-schema - find model entry in schema.rb (or structure.sql) file
;; rg-find-blueprint - find the entry in blueprints.rb for a given model (if you use machinist)
;; rg-find-factory - find the entry in factories.rb for a given model (if you use factory_girl)
;; rg-create-model - create a model with a given name (in wide case)
;; rg-create-helper - create a helper with a given name (in wide case)
;; rg-create-controller - create a controller with a given name (in wide case)
;; rg-create-spec - create a spec for the current file
;; rg-create-test - create a test for the current file
;;; Customizing railgun:
;; you can add another type by adding to rg--class-paths. it is an alist with the format of
;; (type<symbol> . path<string>)
;; the path will determine where we search for files, and how we determine the class. if those are different,
;; you can use the alternate syntax
;; (type<symbol> . (search-path<string> . path-that-doesn't-apply-re<string>))
;; So for example, if you add a "domain" folder in the rails-root, that has a sub-folder which is not
;; part of the class name (real use case)
;; (rg-add-class-path (domain . ("domain/" . "domain/.*/")))
;; (rg-define-finder domain "Entity")
;; which will take all rb files in domain, and given a path of domain/common/foo/foo_class.rb, will consider
;; that to be Foo::FooClass. It will also create a function rg-find-domain which will have a prompt of
;; "Entity: ".
;; the default case is simpler, for example, a presenters directory
;; (presenter . "app/presenters/")
;; (rg-define-finder presenter)
;; to reset the class paths to the default (for example, when switching projects) use rg-reset-class-paths
;; to clear caches (for example, when adding a new file) use rg-clear-caches
(require 'inflections)
(require 'cl)
(require 'eieio)
;;; config
(defvar rg-entity 'model
"entity type to be used in railgun.
change this if you have your models as another type")
(defvar rg-factory-file-path "test/blueprints.rb")
(defvar rg-blueprints-file-path "test/blueprints.rb")
;;; find in files
(defun rg-find-blueprint ()
(let* ((class (rg-prompt "Blueprint for" (rg-filter-by file-type rg-entity)))
(search (concat "^" class ".blueprint")))
(when (rg-find-file-if-it-exists rg-blueprints-file-path)
(or (re-search-forward search nil t)
(re-search-backward search nil t)))))
(defun rg-find-factory (&optional file)
(let* ((file (or file (rg-prompt-for-file "Factory for: " (rg-files))))
(class (concat "factory.*" (slot-value file 'class)))
(sym (concat "factory +:['\"]?" (rg-table-for-file file) "['\"]?"))
;; TODO: remove me when I stop working on packmanager
(strange-path (concat "factory +:['\"]?"
(rg-replace "::" "/" (singularize-string
(rg-table-for-file file)))
(when (rg-find-file-if-it-exists rg-factory-file-path)
(or (rg-search-in-file class)
(rg-search-in-file spec)
(rg-search-in-file strange-path)))))
(defun rg-find-schema (&optional table-name)
(let ((name (or table-name (rg-prompt-for-table-name "Schema for: "))))
(cond ((rg-find-file-if-it-exists "db/schema.rb")
(rg-search-in-file (concat "create_table \"" name "\"")))
((rg-find-file-if-it-exists "db/structure.sql")
(rg-search-in-file (concat "CREATE TABLE " name " ")))
(t nil))))
(defun rg-search-in-file (re)
(or (re-search-forward re nil t)
(re-search-backward re nil t)))
(defun rg-find-file-if-it-exists (file)
(let ((path (rg-path file)))
(if (file-exists-p path)
(find-file path))))
;;; finders
(defun rg-find-entity ()
(let ((prompt (capitalize (symbol-name rg-entity)))
(list (rg-filter-by 'type rg-entity)))
(find-file (rg-prompt-for-path (concat prompt ": ") list))))
(defun rg-find-class ()
(find-file (rg-prompt-for-path "Class: " (rg-files))))
(defun rg-find-view ()
(let* ((input (rg-prompt "View for: " (rg-filter-by file-type 'controller)))
(path (slot-value (rg-file-for-class input) relative-path))
(controller-name (rg-remove "_controller.rb$" path))
(view-dir (rg-path (concat "app/views/" controller-name))))
(find-file (ido-read-file-name "View: " view-dir))))
;;; tests
(defun rg-toggle-test-and-implementation ()
(with-slots (type) (rg-current-file)
(if (or (eq 'spec type)
(eq 'unit-test type))
(defun rg-find-implementation ()
(or (let* ((target (rg-remove "\\(Spec\\|Test\\)$" (rg-current 'class)))
(path (rg-path-for-class target)))
(and path (find-file path)))
(defun rg-find-spec-or-test ()
(or (or (rg-find-spec)
(defun rg-find-spec ()
(let* ((target (concat (rg-current 'class) "Spec"))
(path (rg-path-for-class target)))
(and path (find-file path))))
(defun rg-find-test ()
(let* ((target (concat (rg-current 'class) "Test"))
(path (rg-path-for-class target)))
(and path (find-file path))))
(defun rg-wide-find-spec-or-test ()
(let* ((file (rg-file-name-for-path (buffer-file-name)))
(spec-file (rg-file-name-postfix file "_spec"))
(test-file (rg-file-name-postfix file "_test")))
(rg-goto-file-in-list "Spec/Tests: "
(append (rg-filter-by 'name spec-file)
(rg-filter-by 'name test-file)))))
(defun rg-wide-find-implementation ()
(let* ((file (rg-file-name-for-path (buffer-file-name)))
(impl (rg-remove "\\(_test\\|_spec\\)" file))
(files (rg-filter-by 'name impl)))
(rg-goto-file-in-list "Implementation: " files)))
(defun rg-create-spec ()
(with-slots (type relative-path) (rg-current-file)
(let* ((search-path (rg-search-path type))
(spec-path (rg-remove "app/\\(assets/\\)?" search-path))
(path (rg-path (concat "spec/" spec-path relative-path))))
(find-file (rg-replace "\.\\([a-z]+\\)$" "_spec.\\1" path))
(defun rg-spec? ()
(eq 'spec (rg-current 'type)))
(defun rg-test? ()
(let ((type (rg-current 'type)))
(or (eq 'unit-test type)
(eq 'func-test type))))
(defun rg-file-name-postfix (file-name postfix)
(replace-regexp-in-string "^\\(.+\\)\\.\\([a-z]+\\)$"
(concat "\\1" postfix ".\\2")
(defun rg-goto-file-in-list (prompt files)
(let* ((len (length files))
(search-by (mapcar (lambda (file)
(slot-value file 'root-path)) files)))
(if (= len 0) (message "Could not find spec or test")
(let ((file (if (= len 1) (car files)
(object-assoc (ido-completing-read prompt search-by) 'root-path files))))
(find-file (slot-value file 'path))))))
(defun rg-build-test-path (file)
(with-slots (relative-path type) file
(let ((path (replace-regexp-in-string ".rb$" "_test.rb" relative-path))
(base "test/"))
(rg-path (cond ((eq type 'controller)
(concat base "functional/" path))
((eq type 'helper)
(concat base "unit/helper" path))
(concat base "unit/" path)))))))
(defun rg-create-test ()
(let ((path (rg-build-test-path (rg-current-file))))
(find-file path)
;;; finders
(defun rg-find-class ()
(find-file (rg-prompt-for-path "Class:" (rg-files))))
(defmacro rg-define-finder (type &optional prompt)
(let ((prompt (or prompt (capitalize (symbol-name type)))))
`(defun ,(intern (concat "rg-find-" (symbol-name type))) ()
(let ((prompt (concat ,prompt ": "))
(list (rg-filter-by 'type (quote ,type))))
(find-file (rg-prompt-for-path prompt list))))))
(defun rg-prompt-for-table-name (prompt)
(let ((file (rg-prompt-for-file prompt (rg-files))))
(rg-table-for-path (slot-value file 'relative-path))))
(defun rg-find-path-in-list (class-name list)
(slot-value (assoc class-name list)) path)
(defun rg-prompt-for-path (prompt list)
(slot-value (rg-prompt-for-file prompt list) 'path))
(defun rg-prompt-for-file (prompt files)
(let ((alist (object-assoc-list 'class files)))
(object-assoc (rg-prompt prompt alist) 'class files)))
(defun rg-prompt-for (type prompt)
(rg-prompt prompt (rg-filter-by-type type)))
(defun rg-prompt (prompt list)
(ido-completing-read prompt (mapcar 'car list) nil t))
;;; creating
(defmacro rg-define-creator (type &optional suffix initial-template-fn)
(let ((type-name (capitalize (symbol-name type)))
(name (intern (concat "rg-create-" (symbol-name type))))
(search-path (rg-search-path type))
(template (or initial-template-fn (lambda (input)))))
`(defun ,name ()
(let ((input (read-from-minibuffer (concat "Create " ,type-name ": "))))
(find-file (concat ,search-path "/" input ,suffix))
(unless (string= (buffer-string) "")
(funcall ,template input)
(defun rg-helper-template (type-name)
(let ((name (rg-constantize type-name)))
(insert (concat "class " name "Helper"))
(insert "end")))
(defun rg-model-template (type-name)
(let ((name (rg-constantize type-name)))
(insert (concat "class " name " < ActiveRecord::Base"))
(insert "end")))
(defun rg-controller-template (type-name)
(let ((name (rg-constantize type-name)))
(insert (concat "class " name "Controller < ApplicationController"))
(insert "end")))
;;; parsing
(defvar rg--default-class-paths
'((model . "app/models/")
(controller . "app/controllers/")
(presenter . "app/presenters/")
(helper . "app/helpers/")
(service . ("app/services/" . "app/services/[a-zA-Z-0-9_]+/"))
(domain . "domain/")
(lib . "lib/")
(unit-test . ("test/unit/" . "test/unit/\\(helper/\\)?"))
(func-test . "test/functional/")
(spec . ("spec/" . "spec/\\(domain/[a-zA-Z0-9_]+/\\|[a-zA-Z0-9_]+/\\)"))))
(defvar rg--class-paths (copy-list rg--default-class-paths))
(defun rg-add-class-path (path)
(push path rg--class-paths))
(defun rg-reset-class-paths ()
(setq rg--class-paths (copy-list rg--default-class-paths)))
(defun rg-file-types ()
(mapcar 'car rg--class-paths))
(defun rg-search-path (type)
(let ((path (cdr (assoc type rg--class-paths))))
(if (listp path) (car path) path)))
(defun rg-base-regexp (type)
(let ((path (cdr (assoc type rg--class-paths))))
(if (listp path) (cdr path) path)))
;;; rg-files
(defvar rg--files nil)
(defun rg-files ()
(if rg--files rg--files
(setq rg--files (rg-make-files))))
(defun rg-clear-caches ()
(setq rg--files nil))
(defun rg-make-files ()
(loop for type in (rg-file-types)
append (mapcar (lambda (path) (rg-make-file type path))
(rg-path (rg-search-path type))))))
(defclass rg-file ()
:initarg :file-class
:initform ""
:documentation "guess at the ruby class based on path")
:initarg :relative-path
:initform ""
:documentation "relative path from the base of the search path")
:initarg :root-path
:initform ""
:documentation "relative path from the base of the project root path")
:initarg :file-type
:initform nil
:documentation "type of file (from rg-paths)")
:initarg :path
:initform ""
:documentation "full path to the file")
:initarg :file-name
:initform ""
:documentation "name of the file (without the path)"))
"A file in the rails project")
(defun rg-make-file (type path)
(let ((relative-path (rg-relative-path type path)))
(rg-file (concat "from " path)
:path path
:file-class (rg-class-for-path relative-path)
:root-path (rg-remove (rg-path) path)
:file-type type
:file-name (rg-file-name-for-path path)
:relative-path relative-path)))
(defun rg-filter-by (slot search)
(let ((slot-equals
(lambda (file)
(let ((val (slot-value file slot)))
(if (stringp search)
(string= search val)
(eq search val))))))
(rg-filter slot-equals (rg-files))))
(defun rg-current-file ()
(let ((path (buffer-file-name)))
(rg-make-file (rg-type-from-path path) path)))
(defun rg-current (slot)
(slot-value (rg-current-file) slot))
(defun rg-type-from-path (path)
(let ((path-matches (lambda (type)
(string-match (rg-path (rg-search-path type)) path))))
(find-if path-matches (rg-file-types))))
(defun rg-file-name-for-path (path)
(replace-regexp-in-string "^/\\(.*/\\)*" "" path))
(defun rg-file-for-class (class)
(assoc class (rg-files)))
(defun rg-relative-path (type path)
(let ((replace (rg-path (rg-base-regexp type))))
(replace-regexp-in-string replace "" path)))
(defun rg-class-for-path (path)
(let* ((chopped (replace-regexp-in-string ".rb$" "" path))
(moduled (replace-regexp-in-string "/" "::" chopped))
(capitalized (capitalize moduled)))
(replace-regexp-in-string "_" "" capitalized)))
(defun rg-path-for-class (file-class)
(let ((file (object-assoc file-class 'class (rg-files))))
(when file
(slot-value file 'path))))
(defun rg-table-for-file (file)
(rg-table-for-path (slot-value file 'relative-path)))
(defun rg-table-for-path (path)
(let* ((chopped (rg-remove ".rb$" path))
(moduled (rg-replace "/" "_" chopped)))
(pluralize-string moduled)))
;;; utils
(defun rg-replace (regexp replace string)
"REALLY tired of typing replace-regexp-in-string"
(replace-regexp-in-string regexp replace string))
(defun rg-remove (regexp string)
"REALLY tired of typing replace-regexp-in-string"
(replace-regexp-in-string regexp "" string))
(defun rg-path (&optional path)
(concat (railway-root) path))
(defun rg-constantize (name)
(replace-regexp-in-string "_" "" (capitalize name)))
(defun rg-filter (condp lst)
(delq nil
(mapcar (lambda (x) (and (funcall condp x) x)) lst)))
;;; defines
(rg-define-creator helper "_helper.rb" 'rg-helper-template)
(rg-define-creator model ".rb" 'rg-model-template)
(rg-define-creator controller "_controller.rb" 'rg-controller-helper)
(rg-define-creator service "_service.rb")
(rg-define-finder model)
(rg-define-finder controller)
(rg-define-finder presenter)
(rg-define-finder service)
(rg-define-finder helper)
(rg-define-finder domain "Entity")
(rg-define-finder lib)
(provide 'railgun)