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Version 3.0
* Silverlight support! Finally integrated Jason's Silverlight contribution! Issue #73
* Brand-new simplified event raising syntax (#130): mock.Raise(foo => foo.MyEvent += null, new MyArgs(...));
* Support for custom event signatures (not compatible with EventHandler): mock.Raise(foo => foo.MyEvent += null, arg1, arg2, arg3);
* Substantially improved property setter behavior: mock.VerifySet(foo => foo.Value = "foo"); //(also available for SetupSet
* Renamed Expect* with Setup*
* Vastly simplified custom argument matchers: public int IsOdd() { return Match<int>.Create(v => i % 2 == 0); }
* Added support for verifying how many times a member was invoked: mock.Verify(foo => foo.Do(), Times.Never());
* Added simple sample app named StoreSample
* Moved Stub functionality to the core API (SetupProperty and SetupAllProperties)
* Fixed sample ASP.NET MVC app to work with latest version
* Allow custom matchers to be created with a substantially simpler API
* Fixed issue #145 which prevented discrimination of setups by generic method argument types
* Fixed issue #141 which prevented ref arguments matching value types (i.e. a Guid)
* Implemented improvement #131: Add support for It.IsAny and custom argument matchers for SetupSet/VerifySet
* Implemented improvement #124 to render better error messages
* Applied patch from David Kirkland for improvement #125 to improve matching of enumerable parameters
* Implemented improvement #122 to provide custom errors for Verify
* Implemented improvement #121 to provide null as default value for Nullable<T>
* Fixed issue #112 which fixes passing a null argument to a mock constructor
* Implemented improvement #111 to better support params arguments
* Fixed bug #105 about improperly overwriting setups for property getter and setter
* Applied patch from Ihar.Bury for issue #99 related to protected expectations
* Fixed issue #97 on not being able to use SetupSet/VerifySet if property did not have a getter
* Better integration with Pex (
* Various other minor fixes (#134, #135, #137, #138, #140, etc.)
Version 2.6
* Implemented Issue #55: We now provide a mock.DefaultValue = [DefaultValue.Empty | DefaultValue.Mock] which will provide the current behavior (default) or mocks for mockeable return types for loose mock invocations without expectations.
* Added support for stubbing properties from moq-contrib: now you can do mock.Stub(m => m.Value) and add stub behavior to the property. mock.StubAll() is also provided. This integrates with the DefaultValue behavior too, so you can stub entire hierarchies :).
* Added support for mocking methods with out and ref parameters (Issue #50)
* Applied patch contributed by slava for Issue #72: add support to limit numbor of calls on mocked method (we now have mock.Expect(...).AtMost(5))
* Implemented Issue #94: Easier setter verification: Now we support ExpectSet(m => m.Value, "foo") and VerifySet(m => m.Value, 5) (Thanks ASP.NET MVC Team!)
* Implemented issue #96: Automatically chain mocks when setting expectations. It's now possible to specify expectations for an entire hierarchy of objects just starting from the root mock. THIS IS REALLY COOL!!!
* Fixed Issue #89: Expects() does not always return last expectation
* Implemented Issue 91: Expect a method/property to never be called (added Never() method to an expectation. Can be used on methods, property getters and setters)
* Fixed Issue 86: IsAny<T> should check if the value is actually of type T
* Fixed Issue 88: Cannot mock protected internal virtual methods using Moq.Protected
* Fixed Issue 90: Removing event handlers from mocked objects
* Updated demo and added one more test for the dynamic addition of interfaces
Version 2.5
* Added support for mocking protected members
* Added new way of extending argument matchers which is now very straightforward
* Added support for mocking events
* Added support for firing events from expectations
* Removed usage of MBROs which caused inconsistencies in mocking features
* Added ExpectGet and ExpectSet to better support properties, and provide better intellisense.
* Added verification with expressions, which better supports Arrange-Act-Assert testing model (can do Verify(m => m.Do(...)))
* Added Throws<TException>
* Added mock.CallBase property to specify whether the virtual members base implementation should be called
* Added support for implementing and setting expectations and verifying additional interfaces in the mock, via the new mock.As<TInterface>() method (thanks Fernando Simonazzi!)
* Improved argument type matching for Is/IsAny (thanks Jeremy.Skinner!)
Version 2.0
* Refactored fluent API on mocks. This may cause some existing tests to fail, but the fix is trivial (just reorder the calls to Callback, Returns and Verifiable)
* Added support for retrieving a Mock<T> from a T instance created by a mock.
* Added support for retrieving the invocation arguments from a Callback or Returns.
* Implemented AtMostOnce() constraint
* Added support for creating MBROs with protected constructors
* Loose mocks now return default empty arrays and IEnumerables instead of nulls
Version 1.5.1
* Refactored MockFactory to make it simpler and more explicit to use with regards to verification. Thanks Garry Shutler for the feedback!
Version 1.5
* Added MockFactory to allow easy construction of multiple mocks with the same behavior and verification
Version 1.4
* Added support for passing constructor arguments for mocked classes.
* Improved code documentation
Version 1.3
* Added support for overriding expectations set previously on a Mock. Now adding a second expectation for the same method/property call will override the existing one. This facilitates setting up default expectations in a fixture setup and overriding when necessary in a specific test.
* Added support for mock verification. Both Verify and VerifyAll are provided for more flexibility (the former only verifies methods marked Verifiable)
Version 1.2
* Added support for MockBehavior mock constructor argument to affect the way the mocks expect or throw on calls.
Version 1.1
* Merged branch for dynamic types. Now Moq is based on Castle DynamicProxy2 to support a wider range of mock targets.
* Added ILMerge so that Castle libraries are merged into Moq assembly (no need for external references and avoid conflicts)
Version 1.0
* Initial release, initial documentation process in place, etc.