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Source code repository for Matthew Baxter-Reynolds's "Programming Metro-style Apps with Windows 8" book.
C# TypeScript
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Matt Baxter-Reynolds (@mbrit) authored
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Chapter02b Various changes
Chapter03/StreetFoo.Client Various changes
Chapter04/StreetFoo.Client Fix up
Chapter05/StreetFoo.Client Various changes
Chapter06 Fixing dependency property callbacks
Chapter07 Fixing dependency property callbacks
Chapter08 Various changes
Chapter10/StreetFoo.Client Fixing dependency property callbacks
Chapter11/StreetFoo.Client Fixing dependency property callbacks
Chapter12/StreetFoo.Client Cleaning up Chapter 2
Chapter13/StreetFoo.Client Chapter 13, rounding off
Chapter14/StreetFoo.Client Chapter 15
Chapter15-1/StreetFoo.Client Chapter 15
Chapter15x Chapter 10
Chapter16x Chapter 11
Chapter18/StreetFoo.Client Chapter 11
Chapter18x/StreetFoo.Client Fix up
ChapterA2/StreetFoo.Client Fix up
Resources Chapter 15
.gitignore Chapter 15 redux
ReadMe.txt Chapter 3


This source code package relates to the O'Reilly book "Programming Metro-style Applications with C#"
by Matthew Baxter-Reynolds.

The code is copyright Matthew Baxter-Reynolds 2012.

The code is distributed under the Mozilla Public License v2.0. For more information visit:

Visit for futher information on the book.
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