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"""Another file in our package."""
from urlparse import urljoin
def print_twitter_url():
"""We can lookup the urljoin method via ``<Leader>g``."""
print urljoin('', 'mbrochh')
def try_to_import_from_demo_py():
"""Code completion makes importing easy!"""
print 'Try to import that method which starts with ``open_``.'
def set_breakpoint(arg1, arg2, data=None):
We can set breakpoints via ``<Leader>b``.
Make sure you have ipython and ipdb installed::
pip install ipython
pip install ipdb
Then run your program from a new terminal window like so:
Use ``?`` to show all available commands and ``? <command>`` to show help
for a certain command.
foo = 'bar'
result = arg1 + arg2
import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace() # BREAKPOINT
print 'Try to set a breakpoint before this statement.'
print 'Then run ``python``.'
import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace() # BREAKPOINT
print 'Good bye!'
# Nice commands to try in ipdb:
# ?
# help a
# a
# l
# next
# inspect data
# bt
# u
# s
# c
# exit