mpq-tools is a set of utilities for manipulating MPQ (MoPaQ) archives, which are used by Blizzard in most of their games (e.g., Diablo, Diablo 2, StarCraft, WarCraft 3, and World of Warcraft).
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'mpq-tools' is a set of utilities to extract, create or manipulate
MoPaQ mpq archives used by blizzard in their games.

MPQ, or MoPaQ, is a proprietary archive format created by
Mike O'Brien, the man hailed as Blizzard's multiplayer engine
genius, back in 1996 as a general purpose archive for use with
Diablo, and named narcissistically for its creator
"Mike O'brien PaCK". The copyrights to it, however, are held by
Havas Interactive, Blizzard's parent company. The archive format
is used by many Blizzard titles like Diablo, Diablo 2, Starcraft,
Warcraft 2: BNE, a newer version in Warcraft 3 and World of
Warcraft (WoW).


Since version 0.4.0 the 'mpq-tools' package comes with a manpage
for every utility. If you use 'mpq-tools' first time it is a good
idea to read the `FAQ' file.

Reporting Bugs

Bug reports for 'mpq-tools' can be send to me directly.

    * Maik Broemme <>


Maik Broemme <>