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The Cross Platform JavaScript MVC

ActiveJS makes it easier to build rich JavaScript applications in browsers, on mobile devices, and even on the server. ActiveJS is MIT licensed, relies on no external JavaScript libraries and is packaged in single file builds to allow for easy distribution. ActiveJS is designed to be used side by side with your favorite Ajax library, including jQuery, Prototype, MooTools, YUI, Dojo, Ext JS and others.


Brings simplicity to JavaScript data modeling on the client or server. Supports automatic table creation, data validation, data synchronization, relationships between models, life cycle callbacks and can use an in memory hash table to store objects if no SQL database is available.


Provides an event driven programming paradigm that allows you to create and observe events on any object, or all objects of a given class. Also includes mechanisms to observe pre-existing methods and classes (including built-ins).


Designed to be used in with Prototype, jQuery or any major Ajax library. Generates DOM directly with JavaScript or string based templates and provides a natural language data binding library that allows you to automatically glue your data to your DOM elements.


Allows for stateful (client) or stateless (server) organization of your application's actions. For stateful server-side needs, ActiveController can be combined with the server-side JavaScript sessions and persistence capabilities of Aptana Jaxer


Shares a similar syntax to Rails Routing, but is framework agnostic and can map calls to any type of object. Server side it can be used to map requests for a given URL to a method that will render a page, client side it can be used to provide deep linking and back button / history support for your Ajax application.


Ports many useful functions from Prototype in a way that does not modify built in object prototypes'. Also includes JSON and Inflection (singularization / pluralization) support.

Project Structure

  • build.json Contains build instructions for Aptana Studio and build.rb
  • build.rb Run to build (concatenate and compress) files from source
  • docs Latest docs as generated by extensions/docs
  • extensions Contains support code or extensions to the library
  • latest Latest builds, built before most (but not all) commits
  • samples Runnable sample code for various platforms
  • src Working source tree that latest and releases are built from


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