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import Completer (run)
import Numeric (readDec)
import System (getArgs)
import System.Environment (getEnv)
import Tokenize (tokenize)
import Usage (Environment, commands, fromFile, lookupCommand)
-- Parse the usage file from the first argument. If there is a second argument,
-- it is a command-name; find the usage rules for that command and use them to
-- complete the input line. Otherwise, list all command names in the usage file.
main = do
args <- getArgs
env <- fromFile (head args)
if length args > 1
then completeLine env (args !! 1)
else listCommands env
completeLine :: Environment -> String -> IO ()
completeLine env command = do
line <- getInput
let completer = lookupCommand env command
suggestions <- run completer (tokenize line)
mapM_ putStrLn suggestions
getInput :: IO String
getInput = do
line <- getEnv "COMP_LINE"
point <- getEnv "COMP_POINT"
let [(n,[])] = readDec point
return (take n line)
listCommands :: Environment -> IO ()
listCommands = mapM_ putStrLn . commands
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