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Interpreter for the Nock language, written in Haskell
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This is an interpreter for C. Guy Yarvin's Nock language, written in Haskell. (For a longer explanation of Yarvin's rationale for Nock, see Urbit: functional programming from scratch.)

For a simple Nock REPL, just load the Parser module in ghci:

ghci Parser.hs

and then use the "eval" function to parse and reduce Nock formulas:

> eval "=[1 *[3 1 1]]"
> eval "*[[4 5 6] 0 3]"
[5 6]

That's it! Enjoy.


To the extent possible under law, Matt Brubeck has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Mynock. This work is published from the United States.

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