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Commits on Apr 6, 2015
  1. @bors

    Auto merge of #24087 - mossberg:docs-comma, r=steveklabnik

    bors authored
    Correct mistyped comma, and slightly improve sentence.
    r? @steveklabnik
Commits on Apr 5, 2015
  1. @bors
  2. @GuillaumeGomez
  3. @bors

    Auto merge of #24053 - kvark:get_mut, r=alexcrichton

    bors authored
    As requested by @kballard in #23844
  4. @bors

    Auto merge of #24084 - mdinger:align_nit, r=steveklabnik

    bors authored
    Really minor nitpick but if you're gonna align them, they should be aligned properly.
    r? @steveklabnik
  5. @bors
  6. @mossberg

    Documentation fix

    mossberg authored
    Correct mistyped comma, and slightly improve sentence.
  7. @bors

    Auto merge of #23976 - dhuseby:bitrig_fixing_tests, r=alexcrichton

    bors authored
    This fixes up the "make check" part of the rust build os that the Bitrig buildbot will succeed.
  8. @bors
  9. @mdinger

    Alignment nitpick

    mdinger authored
  10. @bors

    Auto merge of #24055 - estsauver:24044, r=alexcrichton

    bors authored
    If a result is highlighted, when the search changes that state should no
    longer be highlighted. Fixes #24044
    cc @steveklabnik
Commits on Apr 4, 2015
  1. @kvark
  2. @kvark
  3. @bors

    Auto merge of #24016 - aquach:master, r=Manishearth

    bors authored
    Ran across this one while learning from the Book.
  4. @dhuseby
  5. @bors
  6. @github-monoculture


    github-monoculture authored
    doc copy error
    r? @steveklabnik
  7. @bors

    Auto merge of #23987 - liammonahan:master, r=Manishearth

    bors authored
    I ran across a comma splice.
    I didn't set the "note:" off inside parenthesis.  I looked around in other places and saw it both ways, but without surrounding parenthesis seemed to be the more common convention followed elsewhere in the docs.  Let me know if you have an overriding preference about that and I'll change it.
    r? @steveklabnik
  8. @apasel422
  9. @bors

    Auto merge of #23981 - chastell:book_crates-and-modules_io_sync, r=Ma…

    bors authored
    This syncs the _Crates and Modules_ chapter of the book with current output:
    * the runs are supposed to be in the project’s directory,
    * `rustc` has slightly different error messages (and things like macro line:col numbers),
    * Cargo now compiles things into `target/debug`.
  10. @estsauver

    Make changing doc search unhighlight current result

    estsauver authored
    If a result is highlighted, when the search changes that state should no
    longer be highlighted. Fixes #24044
    cc @steveklabnik
  11. @bors
  12. @Manishearth

    Fix doc (fixup #24031)

    Manishearth authored
  13. @Manishearth
  14. @Manishearth
  15. @Manishearth
  16. @Manishearth

    Rollup merge of #24032 - steveklabnik:beta_install, r=alexcrichton

    Manishearth authored
     Default is now beta, add nightly in the unstable section
  17. @Manishearth

    Rollup merge of #24031 - callahad:trpl_old_io_removal, r=steveklabnik

    Manishearth authored
     Also: the std_misc feature flag is removed; it's not needed in Beta.
    Hat tip to @tshepang in #23871
    Fixes #24023
    This PR replaces #24024
  18. @Manishearth
  19. @Manishearth

    Rollup merge of #24012 - tsion:patch-1, r=steveklabnik

    Manishearth authored
     This was brought up in IRC by a confused reader.
    r? steveklabnik
  20. @Manishearth

    Rollup merge of #23997 - richo:typos, r=huonw

    Manishearth authored
     Kinda hoped I'd spot something else for this PR, but then didn't.
  21. @Manishearth
  22. @Manishearth
  23. @Manishearth

    Rollup merge of #23990 - dhuseby:bitrig_fixing_jemalloc_config, r=ale…

    Manishearth authored
     Until I can figure out the correct way to configure jemalloc for Bitrig, this patch will correctly disable it.  All other build targets remain unchanged.
  24. @Manishearth

    Rollup merge of #23978 - brson:installer, r=alexcrichton

    Manishearth authored
     Won't make it for beta, but it's rust-packaging that matters.
    r? @alexcrichton
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