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Welcome to the AudioTK wiki!

The Audio ToolKit is a set of libraries geared at creating an audio pipeline. This is done by connecting filters inputs to other filters outputs.

Core usage

The Core consists of two main classes: BaseFilter and TypeBasedFilter.

The first class is the base class for all filters. It defines the basic behavior and iteration with the pipeline: setting up inputs, outputs, connection setup, input and output sampling rates, main process function.

The second class is fully templated and handles type conversion. This is the class that must be inherited to create a new filter for the pipeline, and the process_impl() method MUST be reimplemented, as well as the setup() function if required.


  • Mock is a set of modules that helps generating sources and test results
    • TriangleGeneratorFilter
    • TriangleCheckerFilter
    • SinusGeneratorFilter
    • FFTCheckerFilter
  • Tools is a set of simple tools filters, but also helper classes
    • FFT
    • DecimatorFilter
    • OversamplingFilter
    • MSFilter
    • PanFilter
    • SumFilter
    • GainFilter

Building the Audio Toolkit

The main dependency is Boost. You can also use FFTW or Accelerate for FFT support.

CMake is used to set up dependencies, paths and libraries.

Python wrappers

Python wrappers can be used to setup a pipeline and Numpy arrays can be used as sources and sinks.

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