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Delayed Replay

A podcast search and playback app.

Live demo

Visit this page to search and play podcasts directly from your browser without installing anything!

Running locally

Without any servers

This is the simplest and most straightforward way of using the app: simply clone or download this repo and open index.html in your browser. That's it!

Note: you can't just open index.html in this repository via GitHub web UI, as that doesn't actually load the HTML file or the referenced JS, CSS, etc. files. To try it out without downloading anything locally, see the "Live demo" section above instead.

With a local web server

This mimics how GitHub Pages hosts the app. Run this command:

$ ./ [port]

Open the URL printed in the terminal to search and play podcasts.

With a local proxy

This lets you avoid using external XML fetching proxies (which sometimes are broken or discontinued, and hence the above approaches may stop working — please file a bug if this happens!

In this case, you are running a local server which will do the XML feed fetches for you, and the web app translates XML to JSON itself.

First, modify js/podcast.js as follows:

-  $scope.useProxy = false;
+  $scope.useProxy = true;

Then, run:

$ ./ [port]

Open the URL printed in the terminal to search and play podcasts.


Apache 2.0; see LICENSE.txt for details.


This project is not an official Google project. It is not supported by Google and Google specifically disclaims all warranties as to its quality, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.