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A curated collection of interesting and useful font families, along with relevant references. Fonts which are available with liberal licenses for distribution are included in this repo.

Font families


A number of font-hosting sites tend to be imprecise about the license for the fonts, sometimes just saying "OK for personal use" or "OK for personal and commercial use", but without actually linking to the exact license for the consumer to make their own determination whether the license is compatible with their use case.

Some sites obscure the licensing of all fonts, even open source ones, and refer all visitors to paid font hosting providers, possibly because they receive a referral fee, without letting you know that some fonts are free (and you can host them yourself), or pointing to a free font hosting provider.

Additionally, a number of sites don't link back to the source of their font files, whether that might be the type foundry or the authors, thus obscuring the original source.

This project aims to fix a number of these issues by providing all relevant source and licensing information, as well as availability of these fonts on other sites.

License stats

Here's a manual snapshot of license counts for the font families that are currently included in the third_party directory:

License Count
GUST Font License (GFL) 1
SIL Open Font License (OFL) 1
Custom 1

Note that this does not include all font families that are discussed or mentioned in this repository, just the font families whose font files are themselves directly provided in this repository.


This project is under multiple licenses:

Note that these licenses do not apply to any content that is:

  • within the third_party directory tree, where each project has their own license provided in each directory
  • quoted from another project, e.g., a project author's description of their project, which is under the license of that third-party project

For clarity, LICENSE.txt includes both licenses in their entirety and these details.