Exploring React Virtualized - ReactNYC Meetup, Sep 6th, 2018
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This is the code examples for the talk React Virtualized: What, Why, How given at ReactNYC on September 6th, 2018.

Find the slides and the recording on my blog: https://blog.seid.io/react/javascript/2018/09/06/react-virtualized-what-why-how.html

Installation Instructions

  • requires node version 10
  • requires yarn brew install yarn

Terminal Window 1: yarn start

Terminal Window 2: npm run catabase

Run through instructions

The demo goes through three files:

  1. App.js
  2. AppVirtualized.js
  3. AppVirtualizedWindowScroller.js

Update index.js with the appropriate file to play around with each version. Comments are inline to explain what each of the props do and why they are important.

For best results with showing how bad the start forward method is turn on performance throttling.