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This script is designed to retrieve metrics from a Nimrod server and process it as a Nagios check. The initial implementation makes some basic assumtions:

  • Nimrod is running over http
  • Nimrod is receiving metrics in nanoseconds
  • The plugin is primarily designed for apache log metrics and response times
  • Check types available: threshold, reverse, string, alert
  • The 'alert' type also expects to process a gauge (primary use case is for scheduled tasks, checking for failures and how long they have been running)


In your Nagios plugins directory run

git clone git://

It requires the JSON::XS Perl module in order to run as this will be processing JSON retrieved from Nimrod


In your commands.cfg file (or in a separate file if your nagios.cfg is set to read at the directory level for its configs:

define command{
        command_name    check_nimrod
        command_line    /usr/bin/perl /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/   -H '$ARG1$' -u '$ARG2$' -p '$ARG3$' -P '$ARG4$' -l '$ARG5$' -e '$ARG6$' -j '$ARG7$' -t '$ARG8$' -W '$ARG11$' -w '$ARG9$' -c '$ARG10$'

You may wish to change the number of parameters you expose based on the below parameter list.

Example services.cfg

Below is an example of how you may implement a check:

define service{
        use                     generic-service
        host_name               [your_host_name]
        service_description     Content_Rate
        normal_check_interval   5
        max_check_attempts      3
        check_command           check_nimrod![nimrod_server]!none!none!80!requests!single_content_single_id/history/aggregate?percentiles=99&age=300000!percentiles:99th:gauge!threshold!6000!8000!5

./ --help
Usage: check_nimrod [-h] [-L] [-T timeout] [-v] [-V] [-P port] -H hostname [-u username] [-p password] -l logName -e endpointName -j jobName -t type [-W window] -w  -c 

   Check Nimrod Metric via JSON Parser
-T (--timeout)      Timeout in seconds (default=660)
-H (--hostname)     Nimrod Host
-u (--username)     Nimrod Auth Username
-p (--password)     Nimrod Authentication password
-P (--port)         Nimrod Port (default=80)
-l (--logName)      Nimrod Log Name
-e (--endpointName) Nimrod Metric Name
-j (--jobName)      Nimrod JSON Value Name
-t (--type)         Nimrod Check Type
-W (--window)       Aggregate Time Window
-w (--warn)         Warning Value
-c (--crit)         Critical Value
-h (--help)         Help
-V (--version)      Program version
-v (--verbose)      Print some useful information
-L (--license)      Print license information

Optional parameters are in square brackets.

This initial revision of the Nagios-Nimrod check is primarily designed for guages and will perform either a threshold, reverse threshold, or string match type check.

Further details on the parameters

  • logName - this parameter refers to the available endpoints that Nimrod is tracking. Nimrod reads in log files hence the 'logName' parameter. (i.e. /logs/[apache])
  • endpointName - this is the endpoint that Nimrod is checking, it is the parameter after the metric type (i.e. /logs/apache/guages/[errors])
  • jobName - this is the full reference to the JSON value we want to collect (i.e it could be gauge or percentiles:99th:gauge)
  • type - threshold is a simple threshold check. Thresholds currently expects nimrod values in nanoseconds, and warn/crits in milliseconds