Experiments with SAMP over HTTPS
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Experiments with SAMP over HTTPS

This project contains some bits and pieces that can be used to get SAMP working from an HTTPS hosted web application. I'm calling this variously SAMP over HTTPS, the SAMP TLS Profile and tlsamp.

For some background see the following presentations:

The main components are:

  • tlsamp.js: javascript client library, a modification of the samp.js library to with the the TLS profile
  • Some simple web applications that make use of tlsamp.js to show TLS SAMP working
  • A relay implementation that sits on a remote host (likely, but not necessarily, the one hosting the web application) and forwards messages from the (localhost) client to the (localhost) hub. In some earlier versions of the code this was known as the "proxy hub" or the "bouncer".
    • A standalone harness for the relay
    • A servlet harness for the relay
  • A Hub Profile that can be used with the JSAMP hub that knows how to talk to the Relay, and also to sandboxed clients running on the local host

To make these useful/usable the makefile will build a couple of extra things:

  • A .war file you can drop into a servlet container (like tomcat) This contains the running relay as well as some example web applications
  • A hub you can run on the local host that uses the TLS profile

You can see some of this stuff running on my machine: http://andromeda.star.bristol.ac.uk/websamp/

All the code here, and the prototype APIs/protocols that it represents, are highly experimental and subject to change. It's not clear yet what the design details should be, or even whether TLS SAMP is a good idea. If you grab a version one day and then get bits of it later, they may not work together. You have been warned! But I'll try not to change things too gratuitously.

Mark Taylor