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-Heroku buildpack: Node.js
+Heroku buildpack: Node.js with grunt support
-This is a [Heroku buildpack]( for Node.js apps.
-It uses [NPM]( and [SCons](
+This is a fork of [Heroku's official Node.js buildpack]( with added [grunt]( support.
+Using this buildpack you do not need to commit the results of your grunt tasks (e.g. minification and concatination of files), keeping your repository clean.
+After all the default Node.js and NPM build tasks have finished, the buildpack checks if a gruntfile (`grunt.js`) exists and executes the `heroku` task by running `grunt heroku`. For details about grunt and how to define tasks, check out the [offical documentation]( You must add grunt to the NPM dependencies in your `package.json` file.
+If no gruntfile exists, the buildpacks simply skips the grunt step and executes like the standard Node.js buildpack.
-Example usage:
+Create a new app with this buildpack:
- $ ls
- Procfile package.json web.js
+ heroku create myapp --buildpack
- $ heroku create --stack cedar --buildpack
+Or add this buildpack to your current app:
- $ git push heroku master
- ...
- -----> Heroku receiving push
- -----> Fetching custom buildpack
- -----> Node.js app detected
- -----> Vendoring node 0.4.7
- -----> Installing dependencies with npm 1.0.8
- express@2.1.0 ./node_modules/express
- ├── mime@1.2.2
- ├── qs@0.3.1
- └── connect@1.6.2
- Dependencies installed
+ heroku config:add BUILDPACK_URL=
-The buildpack will detect your app as Node.js if it has the file `package.json` in the root. It will use NPM to install your dependencies, and vendors a version of the Node.js runtime into your slug. The `node_modules` directory will be cached between builds to allow for faster NPM install time.
+Create your Node.js app and add a gruntfile named `grunt.js` with a `heroku` task:
-Node.js and npm versions
+ grunt.registerTask('heroku', 'clean less mincss');
-You can specify the versions of Node.js and npm your application requires using `package.json`
+Don't forget to add grunt to your dependencies in `package.json`. If your grunt tasks depend on other pre-defined tasks make sure to add these dependencies as well:
- {
- "name": "myapp",
- "version": "0.0.1",
- "engines": {
- "node": ">=0.4.7 <0.7.0",
- "npm": ">=1.0.0"
- }
+ "dependencies": {
+ ...
+ "grunt": "*",
+ "grunt-contrib": "*",
+ "less": "*"
-To list the available versions of Node.js and npm, see these manifests:
-To use this buildpack, fork it on Github. Push up changes to your fork, then create a test app with `--buildpack <your-github-url>` and push to it.
-To change the vendored binaries for Node.js, NPM, and SCons, use the helper scripts in the `support/` subdirectory. You'll need an S3-enabled AWS account and a bucket to store your binaries in.
+Push to heroku
-For example, you can change the default version of Node.js to v0.6.7.
-First you'll need to build a Heroku-compatible version of Node.js:
- $ export AWS_ID=xxx AWS_SECRET=yyy S3_BUCKET=zzz
- $ s3 create $S3_BUCKET
- $ support/package_nodejs 0.6.7
-Open `bin/compile` in your editor, and change the following lines:
+ git push heroku master
+ ...
+ -----> Heroku receiving push
+ -----> Fetching custom buildpack... done
+ -----> Node.js app detected
+ -----> Resolving engine versions
+ Using Node.js version: 0.8.2
+ Using npm version: 1.1.41
+ -----> Fetching Node.js binaries
+ -----> Vendoring node into slug
+ -----> Installing dependencies with npm
+ ...
+ Dependencies installed
+ -----> Building runtime environment
+ -----> Found gruntfile, running grunt heroku task
+ Running "heroku" task
+ ...
+ -----> Discovering process types
- S3_BUCKET=zzz
+Further Information
-Commit and push the changes to your buildpack to your Github fork, then push your sample app to Heroku to test. You should see:
+[Heroku: Buildpacks](
+[Heroku: Getting Started with Node.js](
+[Buildpacks: Heroku for Everything](
+[Grunt: a task-based command line build tool for JavaScript projects](
- -----> Vendoring node 0.6.7
@@ -177,5 +177,9 @@ echo "-----> Building runtime environment"
mkdir -p $BUILD_DIR/.profile.d
echo "export PATH=\"\$HOME/bin:\$HOME/node_modules/.bin:\$PATH\"" > $BUILD_DIR/.profile.d/
-echo "-----> Running grunt task (grunt heroku)"
-$BUILD_DIR/node_modules/grunt/bin/grunt heroku
+if [ -f $BUILD_DIR/grunt.js ]; then
+ echo "-----> Found gruntfile (grunt.js), running grunt heroku task"
+ $BUILD_DIR/node_modules/grunt/bin/grunt heroku
+ echo "-----> No gruntfile (grunt.js) found"

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