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LICENSE Init Jun 3, 2016


Pull structured data from any website.



Input Parameter Descriptions

Index Name Example Description
0 content string The HTML content. This can be either a URL to load HTML from or an actual HTML content string
1 tag string The HTML tag(s) to extract data from. This can just be a simple tag name like 'img' OR a CSS/jQuery style selector
2 attribute string If set, then extract data from the specified tag attribute.If not set, then data will be extracted from the tags inner content
3 base_url string Set a new base URL to be used for relative links scraped from the content

Making a Request

$ > require 'scrapetastic'
=> true

# Note: the 'Controller' here is not a reference to Rails controllers
# but an internal structure, won't interfere with your Rails app and will 
# work fine in a standalone ruby app or another framework

$ > st =
=> #<Scrapetastic::APIController:0x007fe6d2217b48>

$ > results = st.lookup("","img","src","")
#<Scrapetastic::Result:0x007fe6d216d968 @total=12, @values=["/assets/weightsandmeasures-41630428d38c6cf1ccdc3a66787387ce8be978d5a95f0ae731d24bdfecfc8f4e.png", "/assets/ipinvestigator-a9e64a955ebb998330283eaecc562e4706ae883d098f9fd3d209c041f57c1fec.png", "/assets/resizer-65c642f73dc8b6e11b261cba3578d68b6447445128c10443750d534e3a74a861.png", "/assets/urlxray-4c282f6ba3c97dc9772836165fd30f945be9de81f2e7605904094f84df822840.png", "/assets/watermarker-fa8d776c93c622cee3764710e2a8ca9581942857e77bb34e114f89c2903b5e15.png", "/assets/iptoearth-b900526780eb7a1201b7b60ce2f7e30c7ab9225dfcd9475ccc75ebd2cb41e49a.png", "/assets/qrackajack-f2227d5d530812ddbab7165dc07ba0921835c255fcf8300d236946edcc729b08.png", "/assets/useragentidentifier-985199154ebe1f7399ef7dc8143806a10cfa9acc38726e0153520ea2cec13f62.png", "/assets/webtopdf-81b2f5bb4dc6697013f1eb583763eb8a6f896d880014a3b24962d61ceb1c9950.png", "/assets/geocody-80e9ca0c0d2577f95cf6c9f9a97d4ede077bc665dec2d51bacb0fad276014618.png", "/assets/realemail-b4b99f9740273a9936a25ecac846de47dbfa2fda52bb02ab3d0b87b2d93f77ee.png", "/assets/scrapetastic-3fadac07c29de0d2626119be13ecab6a4ad89463034e67bfb2a63c1d5ba4ebc3.png"]>

Using Results

$ >
=> 12

$ > results.values[0]
=> "/assets/weightsandmeasures-41630428d38c6cf1ccdc3a66787387ce8be978d5a95f0ae731d24bdfecfc8f4e.png"


# In your Gemfile
gem 'scrapetastic', git: ''

Result Attribute Descriptions

Attribute Type Description
total integer The total number of values extracted.
values array Array of extracted values

Live Interactive Testing

Doublecheck results, use a Live Proxy and check your API Key with the interactive documentation at:

You will need your SCRAPETASTIC_API_KEY from the setup screen where you've provisioned the Scrapetastic add-on.


As a sanity check it is sometimes useful to bypass your app stack and check the endpoint, your API Key and parameters directly.

Test with your browser

# Modify the following to use your actual API Key

A successful call will return your requested data with a HTTP result code of 200 and be in JSON format. We recommend the JSON Formatter extension as a useful tool.

In Development

The Scrapetastic gem relies upon the environment variable ENV['SCRAPETASTIC_API_KEY'] being present and correctly configured to authenticate to the service. You will need to have this variable present in your local environment for the gem to work correctly.

If you're using Heroku, please read their Guide to Heroku Local which has instructions on easily copying your config values to your development environment.


If you're trying to use Scrapetastic in your local development or test environment with the dotenv gem be sure that you are loading the dotenv-rails gem with the rails-now requirement.

# Example Gemfile excerpt

gem 'dotenv-rails', :require => 'dotenv/rails-now'
gem 'iptoearth'


If you're having issues with configuring dotenv, you might want to try foreman which will also autoload .env files in your local environment.

Test in the Rails console

Launch rails c in your development project directory and at the prompt enter ENV[SCRAPETASTIC_API_KEY] which, if you've configured your development environment correctly should display your API Key.

Issues and Security Concerns

Please email


The Scrapetastic gem is licensed under the MIT license.

Additional Add-ons

If you found Scrapetastic useful, please check out our other similarly structured services and gems.

<td align='center' width='33%'>
   <img src="" width="70"/>
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  <p>Pull structured data from any website.</p>
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  <h5><a href='//'>IP INVESTIGATOR</a></h5>
  <p>Check if an IP address is hosting Proxies, Bots or Malware.</p>

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  <h5><a href='//'>RESIZER</a></h5>
  <p>Resize images for Retina use, thumbnails and social promotion.</p>
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  <h5><a href='//'>WEB TO PDF</a></h5>
  <p>Generate PDF Documents from Webpages.</p>

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  <h5><a href='//'>WATERMARKER</a></h5>
  <p>Identify and protect images by adding a watermark to them.</p>
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  <h5><a href='//'>GEOCODY</a></h5>
  <p>Convert mailing addresses into Lat,Long Coordinates.</p>

<td align='center' width='33%' cellpadding='10'>
   <img src="" width="70"/>
  <h5><a href='//'>REAL EMAIL</a></h5>
  <p>Reduce bounced emails and errors by validating emails against MX records.</p>

Generate QR codes for use anywhere.


Boost User Agent identification with our always up to date UA parsing.


Pull website status and domain information for any URL.


Find the Country and City of origin for an IP Address.

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