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Do NOT support the latest version of firefox & firebug #46

wgy855 opened this Issue · 13 comments

the versions of firefox and firebug are 10.0.2 and 1.9.1.

i can add an picture, but the checkbox cannot be selected. And all the other components of the panel cannot be changed!


Confirmed problem with firefox 10.0.2 and Firebug 1.9.1 on Windows 7
With firefox 10.02 and Firebug 1.10a04 is not possble to select the picture either.


In FF 10.0.2 or later no button "Add overlay" present.
But I found quick fix - in file PixelPerfectPanel.js add line:
addMenuOption('Add Overlay', Firebug.PixelPerfectModule.addOverlay, false);
addMenuOption('Hide Statusbar Icon', buildToggleBoolPrefFn(hideStatusBarPref), pixelPerfect.utils.getBoolPref(hideStatusBarPref));
addMenuOption('Hide Overlay When Inspecting', buildToggleBoolPrefFn(hideWhenFocusLostPref), pixelPerfect.utils.getBoolPref(hideWhenFocusLostPref));

This add menu item to menu on tab for adding overlay. Result see on this picture:

In Russian read here:


confirmed the problem initially reported by wgy855 on FF 11.0/firebug 1.9.1 on mac osx 10.6.8
to be fair, the install link for the plugin does still suggest that my version of firefox is as of yet unsupported, but it does seem to install fine. It seems to be a fantastically useful addon so I'm sure we'd all appreciate it if it were updated to work properly on the latest firefox


Confirming this problem with FF 11.0 on linux, using FB 1.9.1


Seems to be working now. I cannot presently replicate this bug.


this issue seems to be dependant on several factors, including wether or not firebug is currently in a detached window.


I didn't hack any file. Just downgrading firebug to version 1.9.1 fixed the issue for me.


When firebug is detached, it is not working (at least for me)


"When firebug is detached, it is not working (at least for me)"
indeed this seems to be part of the problem for me too.


Thanks Enyby. I applied your fix and now have a way to add an overlay again with Firebug 1.10.0a8.


Downgrading to firebug 1.9.1 like sivaji did fixed the issue for me. Thanks sivaji.


@Enyby thanks, you're awesome


@Enyby cool man, worked for me. Thanks

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