Pixel Perfect panel steals focus when page refreshed #49

iandunn opened this Issue Aug 1, 2012 · 3 comments

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Every time I refresh a page and look at the Firebug window, the Pixel Perfect panel steals the focus from whichever panel was active before the page refreshed.

Steps to reproduce
1) Open FIrebug in full-window mode
2) Open a webpage in Firefox
3) Open the Console panel in Firebug
4) Refresh the page
5) Instead of the Console panel being active, the Pixel Perfect panel is

This is really frustrating :|

Pixel Perfect 1.7.1
Firefox 14.0.1
Firebug 1.10.0
Fedora 16


This is so mind-numbingly annonying its unbelievable !
It makes normal "html/css" debugging take twice as long, as you always have to rechoose your html, so that the focus goes back to the html tab.

Am uninstaling this now, til its fixed.


it gets better !
i've disabled it , and it still in the html tab steals focus - with the "" written to the bottom of the page.

Why when its disabled ?


It is very annoying!
Could anyone fix that?
I love PP so much but it makes me feel bad (.


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