doesnt work with firefox 15.0 #51

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tested both on gentoo and windows
cant select any image


tiagodts commented Oct 5, 2012

Doesn't work here on Mac, either. Same issue.

Does not work with Firefox 16 either, Add overlay button is missing

same issue here..
Firefox 16.0.2 on Mac

joshbtn commented Nov 14, 2012

Same issue here. Seeing this error "exception => TypeError: window.content is null". This appears when I click on an image to display the overlay.

workaround: just throw the images into the plug in folder chrome/pixelperfect/content/images/ Works on Linux Mint

martinkrung, I'm working on Linux Mint and I'm unable to select an overlay. Are you saying to drop the images you want for overlay in that directory?

Disregard that last comment. I figured out a solution to my problem. I'm on Linux Mint. My problem was that, although I was able to add an overlay, I was unable to select it. The checkbox just was not working. I took a look at the PixelPerfectPanel.js file and under var addMenuOption, lines 152-163, I noticed checked: checked, should actually be checked: 'checked'. Doh!

Yeah, this plugin doesn't seem to work anymore. :-( Alternatives?

I've been working on a fix, but it is a bit more complex than I first thought.

It is doable do, only my time is a little short atm.

As I don't know of any alternative, I'm willing to dedicate some time. In February I should have time to look into it again.

Also see the comment I posted at #52

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