Fixed the Add Overlay button and a few other bugs/warning #54

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The console gave an error in ppLockAnimationModule.js and after a little searching it seemed that variables where decleared in the regular way instead of like "var : value," like it is supposed to be in FBL.extend.

@killerog killerog Variables in the FBL.extend function should have the "var : value," f…
…ormat instead of the regular variable declaration.

It would be great to have this fix implemented, as it doesn't work in my FF18.0.2. There is no "add overlay" button as described.


any word on this fix being implemented - would be nice - I WANT TO USE THIS PRODUCT - WHO DO I TALK TO?

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Sorry guys for the confusion, apparantly Git already added my new fixes to this request and I missed it. As this project doesn't seems to be actively maintained anymore, you can find the firefox installer here and you can view the source here
Should also help for #48 #53 #50 and probably a few more.


Unfortunately it still doesn't work for me. I checked it in FF on a Mac and PC. I do see the add overlay button and it did add a file - but the check box next to the file list can't be checked. Guessing that is needed to activate the overlay iamge. Also the x, y positioning or opacity doesn't incriment or change at all.

I prefer firefox, but until this gets fixed.. here's one for Chrome that seems to work pretty well:


@photoman I have tried that and for me it seemed to work. The only thing was that if you use a small image, that it gets centered out of screen for me. Could that be your problem too?

Else could you please give me your firefox and firebug version so I can check that.


Using the latest version 18.0.2 in mac and pc. I can't even activate the overlay image.. the check box won't check.


And which version of firebug?


PC: ver 1.11.1
Mac: ver 1.10.4


Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I've rolled back the v2 code so we now have a working v1.8 in the master branch.

The new release (1.8) has been submitted to mozilla for approval. The add overlay is now located in the Pixel Perfect menu. See the new screenshots on the addon page ( for details.

If you'd like to try it out before it is publicly available you can download the release from this url:


Sorry.. it still doesn't work for me. Using FF 18.0.2 -- I can't click the check box next to the layer to enable the overlay I have loaded into the app. Please try again. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? I'm using a JPEG file for my overlay.


@photoman I accidentally ran into the same issue you seem to have when I was running with firebug detached. I'll try to reproduce it again, because I forgot to write down the error...

Yeah, I'm am idiot to forget that :)

@killerog killerog Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

Same problem. Can add overlay, but it can't be enabled by clicking on the checkbox. FF23.0.0/Win.

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