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AwesomeClojure Awesome

Collection of useful links for Clojurians. Inspired by other awesome-* stuffs.


Description Link
Open-Source packages in for Clojure ecosystem
Open Source Clojure projects
Posts from various Clojure hackers and contributors
A categorised directory of libraries and tools for Clojure
Clojure daily
Community Curated Clojure Resources


Description Link
News and updates about ClojureWerkz projects
Learn the ultimate language, become a better programmer
Tons of cool ideas
Parens of death
Anna Pawlicka
Jessica Kerr
Stuart Sierra
Adam Bard
Parallel Universe
Verma / blog


Description Link
Plugin system in Clojure
Clojure quality tools
Clojure services at Scale
Clojure interfaces
Clojure at MixRadio
Clojure Macros explained
Weird Clojure characters explained
Debugging clojure
Ring Web Applications with Comsat
Compojure tutorial
Geospatial Information
Clojure web-apps IDs with Hashids
Securing Clojure Microservices using buddy
Setup TDD workflow for Clojure
Microservice Architecture With Slacker Cluster
Understanding transducers
Testing Clojure with Selenium
Testing Clojure web apps with kerodon
Testing Clojurescript with Karma
Integration tests with Midje
Streaming responses using ring
Polymorfic performance
Pixie Pi
Clojure in Production: Logging
Clojurescript application template
Efficient, Concurrent and Concise Data Access in Clojure
Pimp my REPL
Clojure (Prismatic) Schemas are Swagger
Practical Data Coercion With Prismatic/schema
Clojure Design Patterns
20 cool Clojure functions
Processing documents with transducers
Deploying a Clojure web app with Pallet
TDD in Clojure
Functional-navigational programming with Specter
Quickstart Boot and ClojureScript
Managing Maintenance With Riemann
Using Codox Effectively
Clojure-Fu with Juxt
Ohce in Clojure using outside-in TDD with Midje
Focus on Spec: predicates
Hubble Space Mission Securely Configured
Consul & Clojure
Faster meta-development with boot
Isolated integration testing with postgres
Reducible streams
The Ultimate Guide to Clojure Concurrency
Domain modelling with clojure.spec
Use Matrices Efficiently
Readable Clojure
Comprehensible Code
Clojure transducers from the ground up
Yet another "mount" alternative
Performance nemesis: reflection
Introspection tools: Java decompilers
Reitit, Data-Driven Routing with Clojure(Script)
How We Built Whimsical
Clojure the Devil is in the detail


Function description needed? Eager of examples / tutorials? Take a look at one of following sources:

Description Link
Community-driven documentation site for the Clojure
Community-powered documentation and examples
Community Clojure Documentation
Cross-referencing the Clojure ecosystem
Clojure* cheatsheets
ClojureScript cheatsheets


Following is a list of amazing projects, worth to keep an eye on.


ClojureScript is a new compiler for Clojure that targets JavaScript. It is designed to emit JavaScript code which is compatible with the advanced compilation mode of the Google Closure optimizing compiler.

Description Link
Clojurescript awesomeness
Javascript libraries packaged up with Google Closure externs /
Kioo example
ClojureScript tutorial
Promises and Clojurescript
Translations from Javascript
Modern ClojureScript
Visual REPL experience for ClojureScript
A Chrome DevTools fork for ClojureScript developers
Javascript externs generator
The Re-frame Building Blocks Guide


The fully transactional, cloud-ready, distributed database.

Description Link
Helper library for datomic
Interactive tutorial


Facilities for async programming and communication in Clojure

Description Link
Using Transducers with Core.async in ClojureScript
Core.async in the browser is sweet
Introduction to Asynchronous Programming in Clojure


Build tooling for Clojure.

Description Link
Boot, the Fancy New Clojure Build Framework
Advanced Boot Scripting
Clojurescript Boot Live-Reload


Hoplon provides a number of libraries promoting a simpler model for web applications.

Description Link
Reactive web apps with Hoplon and DataScript


A ClojureScript interface to Facebook's React.

Description Link
Om cookbook
Application template for ClojureScript/Om with live reloading
Om interop with 3rd party JS libs
Mistakes to avoid when creating an Om component. Part 1.
Mistakes to avoid when creating an Om component. Part 2.
High performance web apps in Om and React
Removing bloilerplate


Minimalistic Ract for ClojureScript.

Description Link
Reagent cookbook
Reagent Framework For Writing SPAs, in Clojurescript
No-hashes bidirectional routing in re-frame with bidi and pushy
Creating reagent components
Why reagent rocks?
TodoMVC for Reagent
Applications built with Reagent
Beautiful Bootstrap 3 forms for Om, Reagent and Rum


Riemann aggregates events from your servers and applications with a powerful stream processing language.

Description Link
An Introduction to Riemann


Yada is a library that helps building RESTful web APIs quickly and easily.


Utilities making development even more pleasant

Description Link
General Purpose Utilities Library
Language extensions for clojurescript
Give your clojure workflow more flow


Emacs bits and pieces. Definitely worth checking out if you're addicted to this editor.

Description Link
Cider IDE that rocks!
Collection of Clojure refactoring functions
Help on


Other interesting libraries, style guides, etc. found on github

Description Link
A community coding style guide for the Clojure programming language
This is the home of O'Reilly's Clojure Cookbook
Routing library for Ring
Example project for Cljs/Om using Boot instead of Lein. Inspired by Chestnut.
Clojure static page generation using boot
Simple css/js asset fingerprinting for Boot
Init scheme with service supervision with Boot
Compatibility layer with the environ library
Database migrations with Ragtime using Boot
Your trampoline to Clojure dev toolbox
Clojure implementation of RFC 6749 OAuth 2.0 authorization framework
Security library for Clojure
Enlive/Enfocus style templating for Facebook's React and Om in ClojureScript
Produce and consume JMX beans from Clojure
Clojure library for using SQL
Source code documentation tool
Clojure documentation tool
Clojure functions with parameter pattern matching just like erlang or elixir
A simple static site generator written in Clojure
Data processing on Hadoop without the hassle
Clojure reducers, but for parallel execution: locally and on distributed systems
More transducers and reducing functions for Clojure(script)
A thin facade around Coda Hale's metrics library
Multi-class Naive Bayes Classifier library written in Clojure
Authentication library for Clojure and Ring based on OAuth2
Managed lifecycle of stateful objects in Clojure
Event-driven programming and stream processing toolkit for the JVM
Understanding Clojure Sequences and providing some small, tight operations to perform on them
Erlang-style supervisor error handling for Clojure
A validation DSL for Clojure & Clojurescript applications
Simple scraper and tokenizer for
Clojure template for REST web services in the style of MixRadio
Display ghostly yesql defqueries inline, in Emacs
A lightweight ClojureScript abstraction over ReactJS
Clojure file and directory watcher
Types again :)
ClojureScript interface to local and session storage
A tiny Clojure routing library for Ring
Minimal React wrapper for ClojureScript
A Ragtime extention for ArangoDB
Contracts programming with Clojure
Threadpool tools for Clojure
Utility library to write microservices in Clojure
Experimental multilenses
A Constraint Programming library for Clojure
Logo in Clojure
Elegant and efficient remote data access
Geometry toolkit for Clojure/ClojureScript
DSL for building client to remote service APIs
Trace-oriented debugging tools for Clojure
New dependencies in REPL on the fly
Priority map
Durable queue implementation
Durable reference types for Clojure
A really lightweight Clojure scheduler
Interface to the Pikaday js date-picker
REPL functions to support the reloaded workflow
Control throughput of function calls and core.async channels
Managing Clojure app state since (reset)
"Smarter" threading macros
Human dates
A routing library
Syntax threading macros for Clojure
Fast clojure json parser
Elegant and Efficient remote data access for Clojure(Script)
Hierarchical Timing Wheels for Clojure and ClojureScript
Turn files into asynchronous streams
Bidirectional data-driven request routing
Library agnostic way to stub HTTP endpoints in Clojure
Query your maps as in Datalog
A feature flag library for Clojure
Clojure Error Message Catalog
Functional, persistent, off-heap, high performance data structure
Forward-chaining rules in Clojure
Monadic error handling
Visualization of Clojure data structures using Graphviz
Clojure wrapper over failsafe - sophisticated failure handling
One Time Password (TOTP and HOTP) for Clojure
Mocks, stubs, and spies for Clojure protocols
Failure handling with Manifold
A gentle touch of Clojure to Hashicorp's Consul
A lightweight library of useful Clojure functions
Meldable priority queues in Clojure
XChart wrapper for Clojure
Convenience features making Clojure even sweeter
Elasticsearch client for Clojure
A functional Clojure progress bar for the command line
Hazelcast bells and whistles under the Clojure belt
Clojure library for working with the Github v3 API
Reactive Streams for Clojure(Script)
Clojure/ClojureScript URI library
Command-line interfaces using only docstring
Rewrite Clojure Code and EDN
Fast Clojure Matrix Library
Bidirectional Ring router. REST oriented. Rails inspired.
Clojure Test Fixtures & Datasources
Evaluating composable language rules on input strings
Re-frame with DataScript as a data storage
Fast http api format negotiation, encoding and decoding
A remote (CQRS) API library for Clojure
Ring async Server-Sent Events handler
General-purpose ACME client
Functional JVM bytecode generation for Clojure
All functions deserve to be measured
A trace window for re-frame
Add structure to a reagent/re-frame app at the page level
A queue which schedules fairly by key
Fork of official Ring Jetty adapter enhanced with servlet-mapping support
Accessing HDFS, S3, SFTP and other file systems via a single API
AWS pure Clojure, spec-based implementation
An isolation framework for Clojure/ClojureScript
Reformat Clojure and Clojurescript source code and s-expressions
Lean Hash Array Mapped Trie (Lean Map)
Succint and readable integration tests over RESTful APIs
Fast Idiomatic Pretty Printer
Graphing tool for Clojure built with the web and interactivity in mind
REPL-based data visualization in the browser
Graphql client for re-frame and clojurescript applications
A library of parallel-enabled Clojure functions
Structural diffs for clojure source code
Homoglyph/IDN homograph detection/handling
A fast data-driven router for Clojure(Script)
A durable datalog implementation adaptable for distribution
An all-purpose Clojure graph data structure that implements Loom protocols and more
Clojure/ClojureScript library for stubs, spies and mocks
Add function args and return Spec checking via assertions
Clojure library for fast JSON encoding and decoding
Fetch data from SQL using Clojure(script)
Asynchronous programming toolkit for clojure and clojurescript
Clojure mocking library
Configuration from various sources


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